Alternative Ski Locations
Posted on 07/12/2017 Modified on 08/12/2017

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This Christmas, skiing is the perfect adrenaline rush to get you into the festive spirit. If only it wasn't for the hordes of people who, just as you decided to partake in this favourite winter pastime. But fret not, we have put together a list of those lesser known ski destinations that don't demand rolls of money in exchange for crashing into a child every five metres.

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  • Hawaii

    Whilst this may not be the typical ski destination, Mount Kea in Hawaii is covered in snow every year. The peak reaches heights of over 4,000 meters above sea level, so beware of altitude sickness. There's only one road to the summit, which is accessed by four wheel drive only. Best of all, this has to be one of the only places where you can start the day on the beach, and quickly find yourself on the snowy hillside!

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  • Grand Targhee Ski Resort
    Grand Targhee Ski Resort

    A quiet gem in the corners of the Teton mountain range, Grand Targhee has a great reputation for its deep powder, and frequent snowfall. Far away from the crowds and après ski parties, Grand Targhee offers something of a calmer, more relaxed skiing experience. There is skiing for all levels available, so no-one will go without a slope to play on!

  • Sunday River
    Sunday River

    Whilst less well-known, Sunday River hosts a great expanse of 125 open trails, 800 acres of skiable terrain, and a wide range of peaks that are accessible to all levels of skier. Afterwards, skiers can relax, enjoying an après-ski drink at Sunday River, or head down to the nearby town of Bethel for some late-night fun.

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  • Killington Ski Resort
    Killington Ski Resort

    This is the largest ski resort in the eastern United States, spreading across a total of seven mountains. The New England spot offers wide-open slopes, steep moguls, and tree-lined trails. You'll have to work hard to keep your eyes on the slope as you ski through areas of stunning natural beauty. Lift tickets are also more affordable than those on many of the better-known slopes.

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  • Peek ?n' Peak Resort
    Peek ?n' Peak Resort

    This is the perfect resort for anyone living in the nearby cities of Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, as it's situated in the southwestern corner of New York. Activities abound, from Alpine and Nordic skiing, to terrain parks and snow tubing. An idyll to get away from it all.

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This winter, avoid the crowds of people and astronomical prices at these 6 alternative ski destinations in the US.