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Are you a Brit abroad?
Posted on 06/01/2019

EnvironmentUnited Kingdom

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Whether it's our awful sunburns or questionable drinking culture, British tourists on their travels stick out like a sore thumb! Here's how to spot a Brit overseas. Are you one of the many?

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  • Sunburnt, <u>not</u> sunkissed
    Sunburnt, not sunkissed

    Due to a lack of sun at home, Brits are desperate to catch some rays on holiday. But unlike other more-experienced sunbathers, Brits generally avoid any form of shade like the plague, lay out in mid-day sun and are hesitant to apply sun cream. The result: painfully red skin that screams Brits on tour!

  • Poor attempt at speaking the language
    Poor attempt at speaking the language

    Everyone knows its unlikely that we Brits will speak languages other than our own, but why do we still insist on trying? The outcome is rarely a success, and often becomes English spoken in a ridiculous accent with the hope that it's easier to understand: "A hamburguesa, por favor?" Never going to happen, Nigel!

  • A new-found need to gesture
    A new-found need to gesture

    Inevitably when the bizarre accent fails, Brits are left to improvise. And what else are we to do than use our hands? Holidays for Brits are an extended version of their favorite party game, Charades. Often seen scribbling in the air furiously in need of the bill, or opening and closing our palms in hope of a menu, this may be the only time Brits abroad are actually quiet!

  • Freebie fanatics
    Freebie fanatics

    If you're a true Brit you wouldn't dare check out of your hotel before raiding the bathroom for free goodies. Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and even a sewing kit we know we'll never use, the luggage of a British tourist is always heavier on the way home. But of course, we need to get our money's worth!

  • Obsessed with weather back home
    Obsessed with weather back home

    Maybe the sun has left them burnt to a crisp, but this doesn't stop Brits from bragging to those back home about how much hotter it is on holiday than in the UK. However, nothing makes a Brit angrier than finding out the UK is enjoying an uncharacteristic sunny spell just as they have paid hundreds of pounds for flights to Spain. So, a true Brit can be found furiously checking their weather apps for updates back home!


From Costa del Sol's beaches to European city breaks, Brits love a holiday! But do locals feel the same way about these visitors? Brits have a notoriously bad reputation overseas for failing to blend in abroad and here's why.

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