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Are you looking for an affordable summer getaway? Here are 5 great spots in Bulgaria
Posted on 16/05/2019


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Around this time of year, many of us are thinking about where we should be heading for summer. Bulgaria is the perfect destination for those looking to reap the benefits of warm weather but at a much more affordable cost. With a stretch of 400 kilometers of Black Sea coastline lined with stunning beaches, Bulgaria is the perfect destination for those looking to plan a summer vacation.

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  • Golden Sands Beach
    Golden Sands Beach

    At this beach you can find some of the purest sands the Black Sea has to offer. Not only there is sun, sea and sand but this beach has an abundance of vegetation. The bushes and trees that can be seen all around add a natural feel to the beach. There is also an aqua park nearby and those who visit this beach often partake in a number of watersports such as wind surfing or sailing.

  • Sozopol

    Sozopol was founded way back in the 7th century by the Greeks and that should come as little surprise as the stunning waters here may have reminded them of their homeland. Lots of quaint, local restaurants surround the beach and good food isn't the only thing on the menu as live entertainment which includes singing and dancing can always be found here.

  • Albena

    Albena is renowned for being the most family friendly beach on the coast and it's easy to see why. Here you can find everything fun and exciting such as aqua parks, bowling alleys and mini golf courses. The sands are pristine and the waters crystal clear which add to its charm. Something that adds a special touch to Albena is its free beach library, which visitors can use to their hearts content.

  • Athopol

    This part of Bulgaria is not far from the Turkish border and has much more of a rustic charm. Forget usual souvenir shops here as its rocky shore is lined with ancient wooden houses. The Nestinarka and Lipite beaches are perfect for relaxing on during the day, but for those who wish to explore a more natural surrounding there is Veleka, an impressive river surrounded by trees which are hundreds of years old.

  • Silistar

    This beach may be difficult to reach given that it's located in the remote Strandzha National Park, but it is worth the trip for those who enjoy the feeling of serenity whilst under the sun. You may even lay your eyes on some unexpected creatures here such as owls and deers. The waters found here are extremely clear making it a favorite spot amongst scuba divers. If you are the adventurous type, you'll be happy to know that wild camping is allowed here!