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Around the world in 12 unique desserts
Posted on 20/05/2019


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Take a sweet-tooth tour around the world with these 12 incredible desserts and be amazed by their unique recipes, appearances and histories.

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  • Ditch the classics and try something new
    Ditch the classics and try something new

    Every country has its own sweet delicacies, from French pain au chocolat to Spanish churros, but these can get a little overdone (pun intended). There are so many more unique desserts out there that are often ignored in favour of the classics. Here's a list of some of the most interesting sweet treats around the globe that you probably never knew existed. Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for how hungry this article will make you, so read on at your own risk!

  • Mochi - Japan
    Mochi - Japan

    Mochi is a soft chewy rice dough which is rolled into a dumpling shape and usually filled with different flavours of ice cream. The glutinous rice used to make mochi is also used all over Asia in various sweet and savoury dishes. Frances Hashimoto, a Japanese-American entrepreneur, claimed to have invented mochi ice cream through her family's confectionery company, Mikawaya, and popularised the dessert in the states.

  • Bread and Butter Pudding - UK
    Bread and Butter Pudding - UK

    This strange and simple yet delicious dessert is thought to have come about when housewives were reluctant to throw away stale bread, and decided to create a pudding in order to cook the leftovers and avoid wasting them. Usually, the recipe involves layering pieces of buttered bread in a baking tin, and pouring a vanilla custard mixture over them to soak into the bread before baking for around 30 minutes. Most recipes also include a topping of dried fruit such as raisins and sultanas, simple yet satisfying!

  • Ovos Moles - Portugal
    Ovos Moles - Portugal

    Literally "soft eggs" in Portugese, these strange looking treats are only found in the small, coastal district of Aveiro in Portugal. Their recipe is traced back to the ancient convents of the area and was passed on through generations, giving them huge importance as a local, traditional delicacy. They consist of a sweetened egg yolk mixture inside a rice paper coating, which is usually shaped like a shell, making this the perfect seaside pick-me-up!

  • Ćbleskiver -  Denmark
    Ćbleskiver - Denmark

    These cute, spherical pancakes are a Danish dessert traditionally eaten at Christmas time. They are cooked using a special ćbleskiver pan, which has indentations into which batter is poured, cooked and then flipped over to create the iconic round shape. The aebleskiver are usually then dusted with icing sugar and served with different types of jam for dipping, although some modern recipes also suggest stuffing their centres with chocolate sauce!