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Discover the 8 most beautiful natural tunnels in the world
Posted on 09/02/2020


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Among the most beautiful treasures offered by nature, natural tunnels reflect unpredictable and powerful vegetation. These green settings formed by flowers, trees and plants make up the particularity of a country or a city. Travel to the heart of 8 sublime natural tunnels that nature has to create in the four corners of the planet.

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  • Ginkgo Alley, Tokyo, Japan
    Ginkgo Alley, Tokyo, Japan

    In the outdoor gardens of the Meiji Shinto shrine in Tokyo, there is a sublime alleyway composed of Ginkgo, an apricot tree revered in Japan for its impressive lifespan and resistance. In Japanese culture, the Ginkgo is also a symbol of hope. That is why the inhabitants of the country come every year in large numbers to visit this alley where the leaves take on a pretty golden colour at the end of November.

  • The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
    The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

    Game of Thrones fans will surely recognize this breathtaking place, which appeared in the first episode of the second season of the American series. In Northern Ireland, "The Dark Hedges" is an avenue made up of beech trees, the first of which were planted in the 18th century. This dark and mysterious tunnel was designed to impress visitors as they approach Gracehill Mansion. Today, The Dark Hedges is one of the most photographed places in Northern Ireland.

  • Jacarandas Alley, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Jacarandas Alley, Johannesburg, South Africa

    From October to November, visitors from all over the world flock to Johannesburg to enjoy the spectacle of colourful ferns (jacarandas) that bloom all over the city. Among the most popular places to visit is the Jacaranda Walk, a beautiful plant tunnel.

  • Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Japan
    Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Japan

    To the west of Kyoto, in the city of Arashiyama, stands an imposing bamboo tunnel whose peaks extend over a hundred metres. In the heart of this curious natural setting, the sound of the wind in the bamboo sounds like a sweet melody. Their unique sound has even been declared by the Japanese government as "one of the 100 natural sounds that must be protected". This fabulous setting is used in many local films and commercials.

  • Sakura Tunnel, Tokyo, Japan
    Sakura Tunnel, Tokyo, Japan

    Near the Meguro River in Tokyo, the most romantic among you will undoubtedly appreciate the Sakura Tunnel, a magnificent plant tunnel composed of pink and white cherry blossoms. An idyllic setting very popular with visitors from all over the world, especially between October and December.