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The top 10 best breakfasts in the world
Posted on 09/03/2020

CultureUnited Kingdom

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and each country has different habits for breakfast so let's have a look into it and decide on the best ones.

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  • Spain: tomatoes on toast
    Spain: tomatoes on toast

    Spanish people start the day with a very healthy meal - toast with tomatoes and olive oil, and sometimes even some Serrano ham and fresh orange juice. A typical breakfast can also be churros and hot chocolate, which is perfect for a Sunday morning or for holidays.

  • United States and Canada: pancakes
    United States and Canada: pancakes

    The typical American breakfast is pancakes, scrambled or fried eggs and crispy bacon. But you could also have pancakes with other toppings, such as chocolate, fruits, or syrups... And, in Canada, they'll be served with some delicious maple syrup.

  • United Kingdom: British breakfast
    United Kingdom: British breakfast

    British breakfasts are famous all over the world and usually include bacon, sausages, eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, baked beans, toasts and, of course, a large cup of black coffee or tea with milk. But of course, there are a few variations depending on where you have it in the UK - in Scotland, you can expect some black pudding and maybe even some haggis in it, while in Ireland you are likely to get some soda bread, potato scones or Hash browns. Be careful though, as 60% of the recommended calories per day are used for breakfast alone, you really shouldn't overindulge in it!

  • Mexico: huevos rancheros
    Mexico: huevos rancheros

    In Mexico, they have their own version of a full breakfast, which is called huevos rancheros. This typical dish is made with two fried eggs on tortillas, topped with cheese, tomato and chili sauce, and served with guacamole and refried beans.

  • France: coffee and croissant
    France: coffee and croissant

    In France, it is quite common to start the day with a good buttery croissant, but you could also choose a baguette with butter, some brioche or a pain au chocolat. And, of course, it should go along a tasty strong coffee.