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World's 15 best food markets
Posted on 05/06/2017

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We can all agree that food bought from a market tastes better than one picked up at your local supermarket. Whether it's freshly plucked tomatoes or freshly caught tuna, artisanal cakes or organic eggs there are few things better than produce you can pick up at a market. Next time you find yourself in one of these cities avoid the local chain store and instead make a beeline for one of these 15 incredible food markets.

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  • La Vucciria - Palermo, Italy
    La Vucciria - Palermo, Italy

    There a certain something that makes an Italian market stand-out from other street markets. The quality and variety of produce on offer will intertwine with the general atmosphere of the place to create an experience you won't soon forget. La Vucciria, in Palermo, is arguably the country's most famous market, and is a prime example of what makes Italian markets so special. The stalls overflowing with ripe tomatoes, fisherman selling their morning catch and the constant hum of shoppers and vendors haggling all add to an atmosphere that like no other.

  • Borough Market - London, England
    Borough Market - London, England

    The energy that fills the air around London's Borough Market is almost tangible. Farmers and bakers, butchers and fishermen fill the market to the brim with the freshest produce imaginable. For the history buffs a fun little fact is that Borough Market is the city's oldest, dating back over 1,000 years. For those not looking to buy fresh fruit and veg Borough market offers some truly incredible food stalls and food trucks, selling everything from the city's best mac&cheese to incredible curries.

  • Cours Saleya - Nice, France
    Cours Saleya - Nice, France

    The Cours Saleya market in Nice is found at the heart of the city's Old Town. Known equally as a food and flower market the warm Mediterranean air is made heavy with all the different aromas wafting from various stalls, from lilies and roses to freshly baked bread and pungent cheese. During summer nights, when the street vendors have packed up their crates the square becomes a covered eating area, perfect for a romantic dinner or a glass of wine with friends.

  • Pike Place Market - Seattle, United States
    Pike Place Market - Seattle, United States

    Pike Place Market is a Seattle staple, as much a part of the city's identity as the Space Needle. Having been opened back in 1907 it is one of the oldest farmers markets in the United States. Nowadays Pike Place Market is known as much for its staggering variety of fresh produce as it is for street entertainers that make it their makeshift venue. Also on offer are numerous different cafe, bars, restaurants, food trucks and stalls that are sure to satisfy the most obscure of cravings.

  • Castries Market - St. Lucia
    Castries Market - St. Lucia

    Found is St. Lucia's tourist friendly capital city of Castries, the Castries Market should be on every visitors to-do list. The market still occupies the same orange-roofed building that it did when it was first opened in 1894. Castries Market is the island's largest and arguably loudest market, with vendors trying to out scream each other when attracting potential customers. Stop by this market to stack up on some local spices, like mace and star anise, as well as tropical fruits and fresh fish.


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