Best destinations for September
Posted on 29/08/2017


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With the hustle and bustle of the summer season behind us, many consider the month of September to signify the return to a more restricted lifestyle and the nearing of cold winter nights. But September doesn't have to be a month of monotony. In fact, savvy travelers know to book their getaways in September, benefitting from lower travel costs, better deals and a more manageable holiday experience. With locations that suit even the most demanding of travelers, why would you say no?

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  • Santorini - Greece
    Santorini - Greece

    With party islanders and family holiday-goers long gone, you can be sure to relax and unwind in the pleasant September sun on the Greek island of Santorini. The first three weeks in September are dedicated to Santorini's International Music Festival, which takes place in the Island's capital - Fira. What more could you want than being surrounded by quaint, white-washed Grecian houses, gazing out over the calm sapphire waters as the melodic sound of classical music fills the air?

  • Manaus - Brazil
    Manaus - Brazil

    Why not go a little further afield for your September holiday and explore Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas. A haven for nature lovers, this exotic location is perfect during September as dry season means lower humidity and generally cooler spells, ideal for travelling. Navigate your way around the network of rivers amongst the dense jungle and experience firsthand Brazil's vast biodiversity. Spot howler monkeys high in the canopy, spy caimans lurking by the river banks and if you are lucky you may even glimpse the occasional pink river dolphin.

  • New York - USA
    New York - USA

    A trip to the Big Apple in September, when the hustle and bustle of busy summer months have died down, could easily be described as the perfect city break. Embrace the arrival of Fall and amble through Manhattan's Central Park as the leaves turn as yellow as the New York taxis themselves. Immerse yourself in the culture NYC has to offer and visit the plethora of art galleries within the city open throughout the autumn season, such as the MoMA which houses Van Gogh's famous 'The Starry Night'.

  • Hungary - Budapest
    Hungary - Budapest

    Budapest in September offers a cooler climate compared to its sizzling hot summers, but you can still expect warm days and balmy evenings, opportune for exploring this happening city. Often referred to as the backpacker's paradise, Budapest is famous for its unique night-life and culture, and with considerably cheaper flights as the summer season comes to a close it's ideal for your September escape. As the sun sets over the cityscape, explore the bohemian ruin bars in the Jewish quarter -trust us there is no quirkier location to drink, relax and unwind.

  • Lisbon - Portugal
    Lisbon - Portugal

    Why not head to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon to catch the last rays of summer sun? With almost no rainfall in September you can visit the coast-line's idyllic beaches to your heart's content, basking in the sunshine on the golden sand. Lisbon hosts various cultural events throughout September, from traditional bullfighting located in the Campo Pequeno square to Lisbon's International Horror Film Festival at the beginning of the month. So whether you're looking to relax or be thrilled, Lisbon has it covered.


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