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The top 6 places for cycling enthusiasts
Posted on 17/05/2020


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Whether you enjoy cycling as a serious sport or simply see it as a fun way to discover new cities, it is great for its health benefits and it is a way to travel without emitting any pollution. So here is the list of the 6 best places for cycling enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy them, whether you're lucky enough to live there or planning future trips for after the lockdown.

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  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Known for having the biggest cycling-culture in the world (followed by Amsterdam), a whooping 62 percent of citizens rely on cycling for their daily commute in Denmark's capital, and most hotels and hostels even offer rental bikes to visitors. Cycling in "the happiest city in the world" is bound to be fun as cyclists have the priority over any other vehicle, and there are special "bike bridges" built just to cross over water. The best attractions for you to see in your cycling trip are the Assistens Cemetery, Kastellet Fortress, Dyrehaven park, and the beautiful Dragør town, which is only 30 minutes away from Copenhagen.

  • Alsace, Route des Vins- France
    Alsace, Route des Vins- France

    Stretching across 170 kms, this acclaimed route in France is ideal for travellers in general but even more for cyclists. Taking you through cobbled-stone streets, traditional half-timbered French settlements that are scenic due to their picturesque flower-laden balconies, you will surely be amazed by the sights. The best part though is taking in the view of legendary French vineyards as you cycle through them!

  • Cwmcarn Mountain, Wales
    Cwmcarn Mountain, Wales

    An amazing location for a retreat in Nature and unanimously selected as one of the best locations in the world by cycling lovers, the Cwmcarn Mountain Trail is highly recommended if you are adventurous and want to feel inspired. Located in the Ebbw Valley of southern Wales, surrounded by the ancient Monmouthshire, this location is only waiting for you to come and cycle along its dense green forestry.

  • Mount Lemmon, Arizona, USA
    Mount Lemmon, Arizona, USA

    As it is the place Lance Armstrong chose to practice for the Tour De France, you can understand that this place is something special. At the peak of the Catalina Mountains, Mount Lemmon stands at 9,159 feet, and is surrounded by the Coronado National Forest. Spring is the best season for cycling through this track and you might even be able to meet some squirrels, deers, jaybirds and mountain kingsnakes.

  • Inca Trail, Peru
    Inca Trail, Peru

    If you are visiting South America, it is an absolute must to go and cycle along the legendary Inca trail, which starts in Ollantaytambo, and goes all the way to Machu Picchu through the great Sun Gate. The fame of this historic trail is due to its stunning forestry with chirping birds, and to the presence of the majestic Andes mountains. Summertime is the safest for cycling across the trail, but as you will need a permit to travel, we recommend that you make your bookings in advance.