Book your fall break now to one of these 5 destinations
Posted on 24/09/2018


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From gingerbread-style houses to ostentatious architecture, these five European destinations should be at the top of your fall wanderlust list.

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  • Monaco, Monte-Carlo
    Monaco, Monte-Carlo

    Swarmed by deep blue seas, cliff-hung lego-like houses, and plush yachts, Monaco's beauty is bewitching. Planted on the coast of the French Riviera, this wealthy prodigious hotspot is boasting with rich culture and unmatched class. Be enchanted by emotive ballet performances, moving operas and theatrical performances that exude passion. A magnet for high-rollers, this city of superlatives radiates finesse, and its culture is even more astounding.

    Want a taste of the high life? Visit the Top Marques Watches Exhibition to see exclusive and limited edition timepieces in all their glory. Are you a music lover? Be whisked away by the sweet harmonic melodies of the Orchestre Philharmonique or the electric buzz at Monte Carlo's jazz and classic rock festivals. Home to the haute bourgeoisie, it's imperative to visit this affluent hot spot on the Mediterranean.