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Book your fall break now to one of these 5 destinations
Posted on 24/09/2018 3 shares


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From gingerbread-style houses to ostentatious architecture, these five European destinations should be at the top of your fall wanderlust list.

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  • Monaco, Monte-Carlo
    Monaco, Monte-Carlo

    Swarmed by deep blue seas, cliff-hung lego-like houses, and plush yachts, Monaco's beauty is bewitching. Planted on the coast of the French Riviera, this wealthy prodigious hotspot is boasting with rich culture and unmatched class. Be enchanted by emotive ballet performances, moving operas and theatrical performances that exude passion. A magnet for high-rollers, this city of superlatives radiates finesse, and its culture is even more astounding.

    Want a taste of the high life? Visit the Top Marques Watches Exhibition to see exclusive and limited edition timepieces in all their glory. Are you a music lover? Be whisked away by the sweet harmonic melodies of the Orchestre Philharmonique or the electric buzz at Monte Carlo's jazz and classic rock festivals. Home to the haute bourgeoisie, it's imperative to visit this affluent hot spot on the Mediterranean.

  • Cassis, France
    Cassis, France

    With panoramic sea views and grandiose architecture, this stunning Mediterranean location is Southern France's best kept secret. Its intriguing pastel-colored buildings perched on the harbor and local vineyards producing the best Sauvignon give this aesthetic city a tranquil ambiance in autumn. Unwind in the picturesque setting of chalky white calanques, aquamarine transparent water and pebbly shores, or hike through the rocky Cap Canaille for an extreme birds-eye view of the seascape. What's more, Cassis is even more beautiful at night. With glimmering moody lights dimming the harbor, local cafes glowing in amber, and the Chateau printing mirror images on the water, this city is as elusive as it is charming.

  • Matera, Italy
    Matera, Italy

    This charming, prehistoric town with its tumbledown tunnels and narrow disheveled alleyways is dumbfounding. With boxy stone houses bundled together on a ravine, and a labyrinth of cave dwellings, churches and monasteries sunken below the surface of its upper district, Sasso Barisano, this stacked city is unlike any other. Home to the Church of San Pietro Caveoso, this rocky ruin offers a picturesque panorama of the Gravina. Sasso Barisano boasts modern restaurants, hotels and bars with a medieval twist, making this layered destination a must-visit. Get two for the price of one. The Sasso Barisano and the Sasso Caveoso are both unique in their beauty and attitude, but hurry before Matera hits the buzz of mainstream tourist packages.

  • Seville, Spain
    Seville, Spain

    Passionate, explosive and ever-present, this city is as emotive as it is incendiary. Abundant with flamenco dancing, Gothic architecture, and mouth-watering tapas, it's hard to find a reason not to visit this rising metropolis. Seville's cityscape combines an eccentric mix of neoteric and Baroque architecture, bound by parallel primary-colored bridges and candy-hued houses. With Seville's multiplicity of landmarks battling for center stage, your only question will be what to visit first. Surrounded by evergreen laurels, vibrant palm trees and expansive water, the Plaza Seville's beauty is unrivaled. With the Metropol Parasol sitting adjacent to stark monochrome Victorian-style houses, Seville's eclecticism is magnetizing.

  • Bruges, Belgium
    Bruges, Belgium

    Belgium is every glutton's delight. With winding cobblestone streets flooded with Belgian chocolatiers mimicking colourful gingerbread houses, inviting fruit markets and cafes serving sumptuous hot cocoa, Bruges is a must-visit in autumn. Still hungry? Visit Choco-Story, a chocolate museum that dips its visitors into the art of chocolate making. Visit the Belfry of Bruges, a medieval bell tower circumnavigated by old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages. This treasured spot is one to visit before it hits the limelight of tourists. If you get tired of chocolate and architecture, just get lost in the whimsical fairytale setting of this "Venice of the North" by biking through the scenery to Holland, and travel to Ghent or Brussels for six euros to absorb in the diversity of Belgian culture.


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