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Breakup Tours: the travel company catering to broken hearts
Posted on 12/12/2019

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Breakup Tours has aspirations to mend broken hearts across the world.


Based in Hong Kong, Breakup Tours seeks to mend broken hearts through travel. Rather than asking prospective travelers about their projected travel dates or budget, questions are more esoteric like "Imagine a moon now, what shape comes to mind?"

According to founder Steven Chung, "Breakup is hard as changes are hard," he said to CNN Travel. "When you stick to your routine, you become very aware of the things missing in your routine. Traveling allows you to break away. It gives you new perspectives."

The endeavor started as a marketing campaign with a number of influencers who'd recently gone through a breakup. The multi-brand commercial was so successful that they began accepting applications from the general public for the first Breakup Tour. They received around 650 applications from people with unique, strange, sad, and deeply moving stories. And so, Breakup Tours was born.


The app is available in English and Chinese and features over 100 activities in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. App users can browse the many products on offer meant to soothe broken hearts, such as a kintsugi or pottery mending workshop in Japan.

The company provides customers with travel SIM cards and a "first aid kit" that's customized to their unique profile. There's also a feature that allows users to connect with other travelers participating in the same activities. Chung asserts however that the project is not meant to be a dating app. There's also a feature that allows users to be incognito on the app if they really want to be alone during their experience.

For the moment, the app is only available for iOS and is focused on Hong Kong based users, but they hope to expand to travelers coming from Thailand and Taiwan next year.