Breathtaking wildlife destinations for all animal lovers
Posted on 18/09/2020

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You can travel for a number of different reasons, be it culture, food, relaxation or nature. This one's for all the travellers who long to discover the majestic animals that inhabit our planet. It's true, you can find wilderness anywhere you go, but we've lined up breathtaking destinations that will truly please any wildlife enthusiast out there. So let's travel around the globe to 10 wilderness wonderlands that will make you feel like you're on a National Geographic show with your favorite exotic animals.

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  • Alaska

    Of all the unexplored lands abundant with life, this one can be intimidating but the rewards are endless. Your wild adventures in Alaska will include encounters with magnificent creatures, both of the forest and the sea. We're talking giant whales and gnarly grizzly bears. First off, you've got to go whale watching - so book a cruise that travels through Alaska's Inside Passage. This ocean channel lies in the Southeastern region of Alaska, and you'll definitely catch a glimpse of orcas and beluga whales. In this region, you'll get a little taste of everything - glaciers, wildlife, fjords and the rainforest. Alaska has the highest concentration of brown bears in the world and the size of the grizzly bear will leave you speachless! But don't worry, observing them won't be dangerous, as long as you stay safe and watch them from a distance.

  • Kenya

    Africa is known as the Garden of Eden because of its vibrant wildscape and if it's a wild adventure you want, you'll easily get it there. If you find yourself in Kenya, it must be in time for the Great Migration - when over one million wildebeests travel across the Serengeti Plains. Now, where there's a huge herd of wildebeests, there's some silent predators waiting for their meal too. Amongst the list of predators, you'll definitely get to see lions and cheetahs lurking behind the herd. There are a variety of different ecosystems that thrive in Kenya, consequently there's lots to see. Lake Nakuru is another spectacle wildlife lovers will be thrilled to see. This huge lake attracts different kinds of species, from rhinoceroses to elephants and zebras. Not to mention, it's home to a large flock of flamingos that have claimed the lake as its own.

  • Uganda

    There's a whole other paradise to see in neighbouring Uganda, and that is the beauty of Africa - diversity everywhere. If you're going to Kenya for the savannah, go to Uganda for the forests and the mountains. This mountainous region is where half of the world's gorilla population resides. So if you've had a life-long dream to see a gorilla in the wild, this is where it will come true. The ideal place to go is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. In these deep, dense forests, you can go gorilla-tracking and see the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. The second place that should be on your itinerary is a boat ride in the Nile River. Jinja, often referred to as the source of the great Nile, is where you will be able to see hippopotamuses and crocodiles.

  • Indonesia

    Indonesia is paradise for those who want a wild ride into the depths of the forest. Every part of the country has a different set of exotic eyes that will be peering at you from behind the green leaves, offering a truly unique experience. The famous Komodo dragon lives on the tiny island of Komodo and although these creatures have occasionally killed local villagers, the ones you will see won't give you any trouble. But if you go to Indonesia to see anything, it should be the orangutans. This severely endangered species lives in the Borneo forest and you can see them while cruising the river through Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of Borneo. Along with these cute primates, you can also see crocodiles and long-nosed potbellied proboscis monkeys - which can only be found in Borneo. And for an underwater experience, the island of Raja Ampat is a must! You can dive into one of the world's most colourful coral reefs and watch all the flourishing biodiversity.

  • Kangaroo Island
    Kangaroo Island

    As the name suggests, Kangaroo Island is native to many magnificent marsupials and you won't get this kind of abundance anywhere else. There are more than 60,000 kangaroos that live amongst just 4,500 humans! There is no doubt that you'll be seeing kangaroos wherever you go, but you can also spot koalas and wallabies. And if you're looking for something a little different, head on over to Seal Bay - a major tourist attraction on the island. You will see a colony of sea-lions lounging about on the beach and sunbathing in the sand - just like you and me. Furthermore, you'll find an unexpected surprise - little penguins, that are the world's smallest penguins. Not only are these penguins small in stature, but there's not a lot of them left, so you'll get a once in a lifetime chance to see them in the Penneshaw Penguin Center.