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British Airways: seven more strike days called by cabin crew
Posted on 27/02/2017

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Having already walked out twice this year over low pay, British Airways' Mixed Fleet cabin crew is planning another seven days of strike action in March.

Members of British Airways' Mixed Feet cabin crews are preparing for a further set of strikes to take place this week. Crew plan to walk out for seven consecutive days over low pay, the third time members have agreed to take action.

The strike will start at 00:01 on March 3 and finish at 23:59 on March 9, bringing the total number of strike days so far in 2017 to 26.

26 strike days for mixed fleet cabin crew

26 strike days for mixed fleet cabin crew

The new strike was announced over the weekend by cabin crew union Unite, half-way through the crew's previous four-day walkout.

The union argues that Mixed Fleet crew, which make up 15% of British Airways' cabin staff, have been subjected to poverty pay since joining the airline in 2010.

During previous recent strikes the airline ensured that all passengers got to their destinations despite lacking cabin crews.

Unite national officer Oliver Richardson said: "Striking mixed fleet cabin crew continue to demonstrate their determination to achieve a fair deal on pay in the face of British Airways' bully boy tactics. It is clear from the £2 billion rise in IAG's pre-tax profits that British Airways can afford to address low pay among its mixed fleet cabin crew and settle this dispute.

"We would urge British Airways to meet Unite at Acas to resolve this dispute, as it claims to want to, and enable us to cancel these further damaging strike days."

All cabin crew to join the airline since 2010 have been assumed under the "Mixed Fleet" banner, with salaries starting at just over £12,000, plus £3 an hour flying pay. Unite estimated that the average salary is as low as £16,000 for these members.

BA said: "Our pay offer for mixed fleet crew is consistent with the deal accepted by 92% of colleagues across the airline, most of whom are represented by Unite. It also reflects pay awards given by other companies in the UK and will ensure that rewards for mixed fleet remain in line with those for cabin crew at our airline competitors."

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