Posted on 11/11/2013 (Modified on 21/01/2016)

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Byron restaurant seeks romantic staff

A brand new restaurant which is set to open in Colwick Hall, Lord Byron's former ancestral home, is looking to recruit the most romantic waiting staff in Britain. The restaurant's manager,

Marieanne Ashley, is on the lookout for a team that "wears its heat on its sleeve" and those being considered for a position at the eatery will have to undergo a romance test.

How romantic are you?

Applicants at Byron's Brasserie will have to reveal the most romantic thing they have ever done for a partner as well as tell interviewers the last time they bought a present for a loved one. They will also have to choose a word that best describea their current relationship and say how passionate they feel they are as a person. Of course, more standard techniques will also be used to recruit the team.

Ashley said that in the event of a tie-break, applicants "will be asked to write their own 'Love Poem' to match Lord Byron's own efforts!"