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Cheapflights predicts 2017 travel trends
Posted on 03/01/2017

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Whether it's the chokehold of a Trump presidency, or the impending boom of very new forms of tourism, 2017 promises entertainment.

Trump Slump?

Trump Slump?
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UK metasearch and deals site Cheapflights has come up with several predictions for new and notable travel trends in 2017.

Amongst its biggest predictions is a fall in travel to the US on the back of Trump's victory in the elections last year. While many hope the 'special relationship' will stand the test of the new president's penchant for controversy, it seems he may put off many potential visitors. Cheapflights has predicted that, following the lead of what seems like most of Hollywood, we will be moving our North American holidays to Canada.

Following an already established trend, Cheapflights is forecasting that fewer travellers will take the option of travelling with paid hold luggage. Already only 22% of us do, a figure the website believes will only plummet further.

British Airways' announcement that they will no longer offer free food on board is a symbol that the days of all-inclusive flying experiences are over and it seems we are not prepared to pay the extras for hold luggage if we can avoid it.

After John Platt's High Court victory - he refused to pay a 120 fine for taking his daughter on holiday mid term-time and won his case - Cheapflights has predicted a sharp increase in term-time travel demands. Seeking more affordable prices and less crowded destinations, this could be a boon for airlines and holiday providers whose quieter periods could become remarkably louder.

One accolade that all countries seek is a royal seal of approval, and there are often surges in travel to destinations graced by a royal visit. Cheapflights is telling us to look out for the places set to welcome the younger royals, starting with Toronto - where Prince Harry will open the Invictus Games this September.

While eco-tourism is becoming a more and more established, and encouraged, form of travel, th report also found that an altogether different sort of 'green' travel is set to break through this year. The legalisation of cannabis has engendered a 'weed tourism' culture already in the Netherlands, particularly in capital Amsterdam, famous for its 'coffee shops'. Destinations such as Alaska, Colorado, Jamaica and Uruguay have recently changed their laws, and could be set to join Amsterdam on the newest type of bucket list.

Alongside these broader changes, according to managing director Andrew Shelton, we can also expect "that portable travel search is set to be the biggest step change in travel". Shelton said, "Increasingly, travellers can expect text alerts for airfare sales, to get a price from their favourite voice-based internet device, or find a flight through Facebook Messenger. We've launched Facebook chat, emoji and drag and drop search functions this year, and now 60% of demand comes to us from portable devices. It really is a case of travel planning on the go".

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