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China has built the scariest bridge ever
Posted on 08/07/2016


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China has finally finished what has to be the scariest bridge in the world and tourists can't get enough of it!

Warning: not for the faint-hearted! In China's Hunan province, there is a new tourist attraction: the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. The bridge is the longest and highest glass bridge ever built.

Zhangjiajie's glass bridge

Zhangjiajie's glass bridge

It connects the two edges of Tianmenshan National Park's canyon, allowing visitors to enjoy a stunning 360 view over the valley. Originally scheduled to be finished in January 2016, the bridge is finally finished.

Naturally, glass may seem a slightly inappropriate material to be used, especially at 300 metres above the ground, but the engineers who constructed this architectural masterpiece actually invited volunteers to test its strength.

Engineers were so confident that they offered volunteers bats and hammers, challenging them to break one of the plates that makes up the bridge.

Although the bridge's glass may have shattered on the surface, it would not break.

The engineers even claim that 25 people were able to jump on the brige, with all three levels shattered without it giving way!

Are you brave enough?

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