7 Greek islands that shine in July
Posted on 04/06/2019


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Make this summer the best yet and choose the right Greek island for you with our guide to where's best and why in July!

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  • Choose the perfect Greek getaway
    Choose the perfect Greek getaway

    Looking to escape to Greece this summer? There's nothing more enticing than the beautiful landscape of the Greek islands. With calm, crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches, busy, activity-filled towns, and ancient ruins, it can be hard to choose which island is best, and even harder to decide when to go. If you've already decided on July, we've compiled a list of the seven best islands to visit during this peak month of travel. Happy holidays!

  • Kefalonia

    Kefalonia is a fairly large island to the west of mainland Greece in the Ionian Sea. It's home to an endless selection of perfect white sand beaches with crystal-clear, blue water. Visit the Melissani Lake Cave, where sunlight spills in, illuminating the still water giving it a vibrant, turquoise glow.

    Why July? In July, Kefalonia has the perfect weather for long beach days and evening activities, with temperatures hitting the high 20s most days, very low precipitation and a light breeze, allowing for the most relaxing holiday climate.

  • Crete

    Crete is the largest Greek island, with a population of over 600,000. The island is frequented every year by thousands of tourists as it offers everything: beaches, cities, ancient ruins, and a biodiverse landscape. It even has a beach with pink sand!

    Why July? In July, the northern city of Rethymno celebrates the Cretan Diet Festival, a celebration of local delicacies and traditional food from the area. The festival is held at the beginning of the month and its purpose is to promote the use of local produce, through food and wine tasting, street markets and special menus in restaurants.

  • Mykonos

    If you're a keen partygoer, Mykonos is for you. This little island is situated right in the middle of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea, and is known for its sophisticated and classy vibe. With pristine white buildings and high-quality bars and restaurants, it's no wonder Mykonos is a popular destination among celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler.

    Why July? This is the height of the island's party season, so be ready to stay out 'til dawn, dancing through the streets of Mykonos Town before heading to the beach to watch the sunrise.

  • Naxos

    Just south of Mykonos is the quieter, more family-friendly Naxos. Perfect for adventurous types, this island has a lot to offer and is well connected to its surrounding islands through its busy port. Make sure to visit the lintel of Lygdamis' Temple of Apollo (pictured) which is located on an islet near the port, connected to the mainland by a causeway.

    Why July? Naxos is known for being a particularly windy island, and in July, the conditions are perfect for all kinds of water activities such as windsurfing or sailing. With a fresh sea breeze and low humidity, Naxos in July is the best environment to enjoy hot weather without getting uncomfortable.