Countries to visit with caution
Posted on 05/05/2017

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Travelling to a new country is always an exciting experience, however you will often be faced with cultural differences as well as local laws and regulations which may be difficult to comprehend as a foreigner. To avoid legal issues it is best to read up on the country you are heading to, thus avoiding offending anyone and get into potentially serious trouble.

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  • Algeria

    While Algeria is a highly visited tourist destination, its many different local laws have led to the US issuing a travel warning back 2016. You may be prosecuted for any of the following acts: bringing in weapons, body armor or binoculars, taking photographs of certain buildings (including military and government installations), driving under the influence of alcohol, and being involved in same-sex sexual relations. Religious freedom is also restricted, with practice banned outside any structures not intended for that purpose.

  • Singapore

    In Singapore watch what you do in public. Singing obscene songs could land you in jail for up to three months. Smoking anywhere in public (including inside a car) will leave you with a $1000 fine. If caught with drugs the penalty can be death. Homosexuality is illegal and carries a maximum jail sentence of two years, anyone selling or importing chewing gum is punished with a fine of over $200,000 and finally, don't go breading pigeons as this will also leave you with a few hundred dollars in fines!

  • Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia

    As a nation that is visitied by up to 18 million people each year, this popular Middle Eastern country is abundant with laws to watch out for. No Christmas or holiday decorations allowed, no photography of specific buildings (especially ones where women congregate), no criticism of the Islamic faith or open practice of any other religion, and no same-sex relations of any kind. You will be sent to jail for both drinking or drug use, and penalised for dancing, singing or showing films in public.

  • Mexico

    Out of all of the America's Mexico is the second most visited country with around 30 million tourists a year. However the US issued a travel warning in 2016 due to the country's various laws and cultural differences which may result in prosecution. No weapons of any kind including firearms, knives or daggers, and no carrying of Marijuana into the country even if it is said to be for medicinal reasons. It is illegal to shout offensive words in public or display any form of nude artwork.

  • United Arab Emirates
    United Arab Emirates

    If you are traveling with your partner, beware of holding hands or kissing in public as this is thought to be a serious offense and could lead to being arrested. Any form of same-sex sexual relations are illegal and those charged with break this law may even face the death penalty. It is also illegal to be drunk in public or being caught in possession of any illegal drugs. Taking photos in restricted areas, and any form of religious proselytizing will leave you in jail or at the very least deported.