Feeling brave? Head to Europe's Creepiest Corners for a spine-chilling Halloween ...
Posted on 15/10/2019

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There's nothing we like more than a good scare! Why do we do it to ourselves? We love that rush of adrenaline, whether it's hiding beneath the duvet during a scary movie marathon, or running from a zombie in a haunted house.

However, if you've already watched all the scariest movies to date and the haunted houses no longer cut it, why don't you head to one of Europe's creepiest corners to connect with the 'other side' and give yourself a fright like never before?

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    Enter if you dare...

    Whether you're in a forest where you know you're being watched, an underground passage filled with bones, or an abandoned castle with an otherworldly presence, the creepiest corners of Europe raise the hairs on the back of your neck just little bit more when it reaches the 31st October.

    Europe is renowned for having a rich history and beautiful landscapes, but the deeper you dig into the past of this continent, the less awe inspiring and more fear-inducing it becomes. From murdered monarchs, to tortured children, disappearances and mass destruction, Europe has seen and done it all. And if you haven't already felt their presence you soon will; the spirits of these troubled souls still lurk in Europe's creepiest corners. Here are just a few of them!


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