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Feeling brave? Head to Europe's Creepiest Corners for a spine-chilling Halloween ...
Posted on 15/10/2019

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There's nothing we like more than a good scare! Why do we do it to ourselves? We love that rush of adrenaline, whether it's hiding beneath the duvet during a scary movie marathon, or running from a zombie in a haunted house.

However, if you've already watched all the scariest movies to date and the haunted houses no longer cut it, why don't you head to one of Europe's creepiest corners to connect with the 'other side' and give yourself a fright like never before?

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  • Enter if you dare...
    Enter if you dare...

    Whether you're in a forest where you know you're being watched, an underground passage filled with bones, or an abandoned castle with an otherworldly presence, the creepiest corners of Europe raise the hairs on the back of your neck just little bit more when it reaches the 31st October.

    Europe is renowned for having a rich history and beautiful landscapes, but the deeper you dig into the past of this continent, the less awe inspiring and more fear-inducing it becomes. From murdered monarchs, to tortured children, disappearances and mass destruction, Europe has seen and done it all. And if you haven't already felt their presence you soon will; the spirits of these troubled souls still lurk in Europe's creepiest corners. Here are just a few of them!

  • Les Catacombes, France
    Les Catacombes, France

    Europe must have a thing for bones because there are a variety of collections either underground or in churches throughout the continent; from the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo in Italy, to the ornate arrangement of bones at the Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic. However, of all of Europe's ossuaries, Les Catacombes in Paris is the biggest. In fact, it's home to the largest collection of bones in the world! The 200-mile network of narrow tunnels and low ceilings means there is no escaping the death that is on display at every turn! You will certainly feel the presence of the 6 million people buried there as you make your way through the dimly lit underground passage where the need to constantly check over your shoulder is inevitable. The hollow skulls follow your every move!

  • Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
    Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

    Edinburgh is believed to be one of the most haunted cities in the world and the world-famous Edinburgh Castle certainly contributes to the city's eerie reputation. Many paranormal sightings and experiences have been recorded here, which isn't surprising given the castle's 900-year history and the number of deaths that have occurred within its walls and dungeons!

    In 2001 a scientific experiment evidenced the paranormal happenings previously recorded at Edinburgh Castle; participants from around the world (who had no prior knowledge of the castle or its residents from beyond the grave!) reported sudden temperature changes, feeling something tugging at their clothes and various sensations such as burning skin. Whether you hear the pipes of the lost piper ringing from the underground tunnel network or see the headless drummer, you're sure to be on edge as you wonder the dark corners of this unearthly castle.

  • Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania
    Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

    Did you think you were safe out in the open? Think again! It's not just the haunted castles and dead bodies that will leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing a little taller. Hoia Baciu Forest, just outside Cluj-Napoca in northwestern Romania, is the creepiest forest in the world! Spending the night there would probably make you wish you had the walls of Edinburgh castle to protect you. If the locals avoid the forest at all costs, you know it's for good reason! You're sure to constantly feel watched by the shadows amongst the trees which have all grown crooked, as if bent by some unseen energy.

    What's more, you won't be able to call for help if someone mysteriously disappears and neither will you be able to snap a photo of an otherworldly lifeform as the area is notorious for electrical malfunctionings, especially in the "dead zone" in the middle of the forest. This odd clearing should be perfectly capable of growing vegetation, yet nothing grows; this is also the spot where many of the paranormal happenings occur. Would you risk spending the night here?

  • Amsterdam Torture Museum, the Netherlands
    Amsterdam Torture Museum, the Netherlands

    Amsterdam's Torture museum invites you to discover the painful past of Europe, which up until a few centuries ago was a continent where each town was home to a scaffold next to the central market and had a gallow field at the gate. Even though ghosts might not haunt you, the sight of the torture contraptions used throughout Europe during the Middle Ages certainly will. You can leave your imagination at the door as the displays create a vivid image of Europe's painful past when being a ghost might've been better than being alive!


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