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Croatia gets real with tourist travel advice
Posted on 17/07/2016


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The popular holiday destination has begun to make it very clear that it doesn't appreciate tourists' stupidity within its borders...

Watch out, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service is about and it's had quite enough of your idiotic holiday behaviour. On its twitter account, the service (HGSS) recently posted some sound advice for travellers visiting the country this summer.

What not to do in Croatia

What not to do in Croatia
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"Dear tourists, we respect you," the post reads. "It's time for you to start respecting yourself. So, stop making stupid and dangerous selfies."

The warning follows news that a Canadian man almost died attempting to take a selfie and falling off a cliff. The young man tumbled 75 metres from a viewpoint in the popular Plitvice Lakes national park, miraculously surviving as trees broke his fall, but sustaining serious injuries.

Last year, a 54-year-old woman from Slovakia died after falling from a rock in the same park. She had also been trying to take the perfect photo when she fell.

But the HGSS didn't stop there. Another tweet on their page read, "Dear tourists, today will be hot as hell in most of #Croatia. Please, hydrate and remember: sunbathing is OUT, your health IS NOT #HGSS."

And it's not just tourists' well-being they're worried about. The service also posted to ask visitors to handle accidents appropriately: "Dear tourists, if you come across accident or you're part of it in #Croatia call #112 b4 posting abt. it on social media. Thank you #HGSS."


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