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Martinis and meringues: London's new pop-up bar collab
Posted on 03/06/2017

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Coveted Quaglino's of Mayfair has changed the game, by collaborating with masters of sweet treats, The Meringue Girls. As if cocktails alone weren't a sweet enough gig.

We'll see you there

We'll see you there
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The sophisticated London venue has just upped its game this month, introducing an enticing joint initiative with The Meringue girls. This month Quaglino's is hosting a pop-up cocktail and dessert bar. Double the fun, right?

Head bartender Davide Arruci is liaising with the masters of sweet treats to create an irresistible menu composed of martinis and meringues. Not only drawing on bright and bold seasonal colours and flavours, the aim is to offer a complimentary palette of alcohol paired with sweet goodies.

???Q-ute floral meringue mural we created for the launch of Quaglinos martini & meringue dessert bar pop up!???? enjoy a bespoke selection of martinis ?? paired with meringue kisses ????

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The martinis are largely made of Moët Chandon, Belvedere and Hennessy VSOP, each one paired with different flavours of mini meringue 'kisses'. The sumptuous flavours on the menu include sour cherry, pistachio and rose, gin and tonic and raspberry.

The Meringue Girls have also launched at the venue an area whereby guests can choose from signature meringue kisses and flowers to take away, whilst executive patisserie chef Jack Smith has opted to continue with the theme through to the Mezzanine Bar. He has unveiled a decadent selection of sweet treats comprising the dessert menu. These mouth-wateringly delicious treats include lemon meringue pie, a strawberry and rose pavlova, beehive meringues served on a honey and thyme tart and finally a twist on the classic peach melba.

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On top of that, the #Blossomcity17 campaign will once again support The Gynaecological Cancer Fund's Lady Garden Campaign, giving £1 from each D&D group towards the charity. So not only can you sample and slurp in style, but it's for a good cause too.

The special edition cocktails are:

Cherry Kiss (a take on the Aviation cocktail) - Belvedere instead of gin, parfait d'amour liquor and crème de mure (served with the sour cherry meringue kiss)
French Kiss - vodka, fresh raspberries, pineapple juice and crème de framboise served straight up (served with the raspberry kiss)
Classy Kiss - mix of Hennessy VSOP, bergamot liquor and grapefruit topped with Moët & Chandon champagne (served with the gin and tonic meringue kiss)
Rose Kiss (a twist on the classic mai tai) - Hennessy, rose water, lychee juice, orgeat syrup and lemon juice (served with the pistachio and rose meringue kiss)

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