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Dine like never before: the 18 best immersive dining experiences in the world
Posted on 02/12/2018 3 shares

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Once you've taken a look at these incredible places, dining at a regular restaurant will be out of the question.

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  • What is immersive dining?
    What is immersive dining?

    Imagine a restaurant that is also a theater set, where you get to be one of the performers. Imagine food going beyond flavor. Imagine an alternate dimension where everything is new and unpredictable.

    Immersive dining establishments strive to create an atmosphere that will completely absorb you, make you feel like you are going back in time, have been suddenly projected into the future, or existing in a different universe altogether. The decorations, the food, the sounds, everything is designed to fully captivate you, engaging all five of your senses.

    All over the world, creative minds have conceptualized a multitude of these experiences for you to enjoy. Here are the top picks.

  • Safehouse '77, Los Angeles
    Safehouse '77, Los Angeles

    It's 1977. Jimmy Carter is president. The Cold War is in full swing. People dance to Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Elvis Presley has just been found dead in his Memphis mansion. It's the golden age of New Hollywood, and you're a guest at a fancy fondue party. An enigmatic and intimate atmosphere hovers in the room, and you find yourself at the heart of a spy mystery involving foreign agents, LSD, and the Equal Rights Amendment.

    This is the premise of this interactive dinner theater show, in which actors and guests mingle, moving the fiction forward as the evening progresses. Everything has been carefully thought out to completely immerse the audience members in the era, and the weirdly specific story will delight amateur detectives.

  • Chambers of Flavour, London
    Chambers of Flavour, London

    Intrepid foodies who love when dinner is synonymous with secrecy and novelty have found their Holy Grail. Gingerline, a company offering audacious, edible adventures, is behind this exciting dinner experience.

    The concept is simple: guests explore a multi-dimensional gastronomic universe in a secret location. The boundaries between various culinary worlds become blurred, and a whole new culinary reality appears.

    Already on their third iteration of the concept, the Chambers of Flavour have encountered tremendous success. With delicious food, a clever idea, and a fun execution, all the elements of an unforgettable evening are gathered in the Chambers.

  • Ultraviolet, Shanghai
    Ultraviolet, Shanghai

    "Turbulent, unpredictable, unconventional," these are the words used by Paul Pairet himself to describe his unclassifiable creation. Combining premium gourmet food with multi-sensory technology, this avant-garde dinner is a one-of-a-kind experience you'll never forget.

    Seated at a single table of ten seats in an ascetic, futuristic room, guests will enjoy a 20-course menu conceived by the Ultraviolet team. Each course is accompanied by its own meticulously tailored multisensory pairing. From the lights to the sounds to the scents, everything is designed to make the taste more than just a taste. Born out of a desire to explore the influence of senses on each other, this culinary experiment has one goal: to stimulate emotion.

  • How Do You Hug a Tiger?, New York City
    How Do You Hug a Tiger?, New York City

    Organized by Story Course NYC, this limited-run dinner show is a poignant culinary journey led by Korean chef Jae Jung.

    The world-renowned chef from Le Bernardin, a gourmet restaurant in New York, offers guests an interactive storytelling experience like no other. She shares her inspiring success story from her childhood in post-war South Korea to her prosperous culinary career in the Big Apple. Rather than partaking actively in the performance, the audience is immersed in the story by listening to touching anecdotes that are beautifully woven into the cohesive, symbolic and emotionally impactful menu.

    From traditional Korean specialties to contemporary American dishes, the journey is recounted both through words and through taste buds.


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