Discover Peru through ten delicious dishes
Posted on 23/09/2020


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It's not a secret that Peruvian cuisine is considered to be one of the richest and most varied in the world. The variety of ingredients and influences of several civilizations, such as the Inca, the Spanish and the Chinese, have made this cuisine a favorite among foodies. Beyond Machu Picchu or the Nazca Lines, food has become a major attraction of the Andean country so let's take a tour of the most popular Peruvian dishes that have captivated the palates of millions!

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  • Peruvian fish ceviche
    Peruvian fish ceviche

    This dish is without a doubt the most famous Peruvian culinary speciality in the world. It's usually served with corn, roasted corn, cassava, sweet potato, lettuce and green banana chips. The star of this delectable favorite is fish - which is either served raw, or in a marinade of lime juice and red onion. To put it simply, this fish ceviche is known as the sashimi of the Andean country. Although many South American countries, like Chile or Ecuador, prepare their own special ceviches, this particular dish's origins go back to the Inca empire and the recipe was modified after the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. The history of this ceviche is as deep as its flavors and is considered to be an integral part of the country's national heritage.