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Live a French fairy tale at these 10 spots in Dordogne
Posted on 18/04/2019


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If you're looking for a holiday straight out of a postcard, Dordogne is the place to visit. This department of France is renowned for its incredible beautiful and picturesque villages, delicious gastronomy, delectable wine and unspoiled nature. Discover this beautiful part of France with our list of top 10 attractions.

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  • One of the most magical places in France
    One of the most magical places in France

    The Dordogne Valley is the ultimate destination to get a glimpse of authentic rural France. With its medieval castles, cobbled streets, hilltop villages and green meadows, it feels like a medieval fairy tale in real life. Untouched by mass tourism, the area is still full of hidden gems made for the holiday of your dreams. The area is full of wonders, but here are the top 10 attractions in this corner of paradise.

  • 1. Sarlat
    1. Sarlat

    This medieval town is full of charm that will take your breath away. Sarlat is situated just a few kilometers north of the River Dordogne, and it's the most renowned town in the region. Get lost in its maze of narrow, cobbled streets or wander around its medieval squares and lanes lined with historic churches and cathedrals. One of the highlights in the city are the Gothic and Renaissance mansions that are both stunningly beautiful and full of historic and cultural importance.

  • 2. Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux
    2. Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux

    Let out your inner Robin Hood out and visit this medieval fortified castle. Magnificent in every sense of the word, this chateau is a must-see during your visit to the Dordogne Valley. The hilltop castle offers panoramic views over the scenic area and its red stone makes it stand out against the dense forest. With six towers and gigantic stone walls, this 15th century castle is considered as one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in France.

  • 3. Padirac Cave
    3. Padirac Cave

    Dubbed as one of Europe's most famous caves and one of the most interesting geological sites in France, Padirac cave features stunning natural beauty. The cave is 103 meters deep and visitors must descend around 75 meters to enter the fascinating cave system. Its depth underground got it the nickname 'the devil's hole' by the locals. The cave can be explored by small boat with a guide, cruising down a subterranean river of pristine turquoise water. With its underground pools and gigantic rock formations, the cave offers a wow factor for sure!

  • 4. Collonges-la-Rouge
    4. Collonges-la-Rouge

    This red picturesque village is considered by many to be the prettiest village in France, and it's easy to see why! As its name suggests, the charming village is famous for its blazing red buildings. It dates back to the 14th century and the remains of its rich history can still be seen today. Strolling around its narrow alleys lined with medieval houses, you'll get the feeling that this place has been frozen in time. The village is also famous for its vineyards, so don't miss out on buying some of the local wine and liqueur. For all those seeking for a French fairy tale, this is the ultimate destination!