Disney implements selfie stick bans across all parks
Posted on 30/06/2015

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DISNEY: No longer will you be able to parade around Disneyland wafting your selfie stick self-importantly in strangers' faces, and it's all thanks to a few idiotic tourists who thought they were above the rules.

When someone tells you that it's pretty dangerous to whack out an extendable stick on a fast-moving rollercoaster carrying you and a bunch of other people, because it could get caught in the machinery and cause a huge crash, what's the first thing you do? Get it out, obviously.

Why would Disney ban selfies sticks?

Why would Disney ban selfies sticks?

Despite it being good common sense not to stick a metallic arm out of a rollercoaster carriage, Disney has long had to enforce a rule banning the use of selfie sticks on its rides. Unfortunately, all sense deserted one woman when she pulled a selfie stick out mid-ride in the Disney California Adventure park and forced the rollercoaster to close for an hour.

That, it seems, was the last straw for Disney and a blanket ban on selfie sticks will come into force in its US parks on Tuesday and in Paris and Hong Kong from Wednesday. A Disney spokeswoman explained the decision: "We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie-sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast."

Because who wants to be hit over the head with a metal stick whilst dressed as Elsa from Frozen. Or whilst at a football match, or appreciating artwork at a museum, or watching tennis greats battle it out at Wimbledon. Exactly, no-one at all.


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