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Down Under has many facets: which Australian city should you go to?
Posted on 27/01/2019


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Culturally diverse, architecturally gripping, or gastronomically mouth-watering, Australia's bustling cities all have very different identities and assets. Here's which part of Down Under you should visit based on what you're into.

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  • If you're an architecture aficionado: Melbourne
    If you're an architecture aficionado: Melbourne

    Beyond its vibrant nightlife and diverse culture, the second-most populous city in Australia is first and foremost an architectural gem. Uniquely stylish and boasting a sleek silhouette, Melbourne's cityscape is a steel-clad, neon-lit jewel. The city's artsy, bohemian soul smooths the glistening edges of the polished skyline, adding conviviality to the glossiness.

    The city's dynamic and multicultural atmosphere permeates each and everyone one of its neighborhoods, which all flaunt different vibes. From the gaudy South Yarra to the trendy Fitzroy, from the Parisian-inspired elements of the center to the New York-influenced high-rises, Melbourne fuses myriad ambiences in an audacious yet truly harmonious manner.

  • If you're an adventurer: Hobart
    If you're an adventurer: Hobart

    The best place to get a taste of Australia's adventurous soul has to be the country's most mystical region, Tasmania. The island state is brimming with myriad natural wonders, and the best point of departure to discover them all is Hobart, the region's most populous city and a pleasant harbour town.

    Although the city itself is a must-visit, with its delightful waterfront eateries and fascinating cultural attractions, it is Hobart's surroundings that are truly jaw-dropping. Mountain biking and bushwalking are popular activities on Mount Wellington, the rocky, cloud-shrouded monolith overlooking the city. If you drift a bit further away, you'll encounter more of Tasmania's natural treasures, and even more options for unbridled adventure.

  • If you're a self-proclaimed foodie: Brisbane
    If you're a self-proclaimed foodie: Brisbane

    Subtropical Brisbane has one major advantage over its fellow Aussie cities; it stays warm year round, with sun-drenched summers and brief, mild winters. Outdoorsy types therefore thrive in this heavenly climate, exploring the city and its surroundings on a bike, a kayak, or with top-notch rock-climbing gear. But Brisbane's endless opportunities for sport activities are not what is the most remarkable about the city.

    Indeed, Brisbane's dining scene is booming, becoming truly spectacular as years go by and culinary innovations blossom. Mixing traditional cuisine with gastronomic novelties and turning simple products into edible works of art, Brisbane's culinary excellence is a force to reckon with. A plethora of stylish eateries, gourmet restaurants, and authentic cafes have sprung up in the city, representing and experimenting with cuisines from all over the world.

  • If you're a surf enthusiast: Gold Coast
    If you're a surf enthusiast: Gold Coast

    Surfing in Australia is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Even though you can pretty much ride the waves anywhere along the massive island's never-ending coast, there are places that are simply more magical than others. And Gold Coast is one of them.

    The city known for its endless expanses of pearlescent sand and its amazing waves is what surfers' dreams are made of. Dedicated entirely to leisure, Gold Coast will enchant you with its many theme parks, exuberant ambience, and of course, its astonishing, iconic surfing spots.

  • If you're a nature lover: Alice Springs
    If you're a nature lover: Alice Springs

    Pretty much situated in Australia's center, Alice Springs is the country's Aboriginal heart, where the streets are filled with the melody of a multitude of indigenous languages. The surrounding region is known as the Red Center, which is made of various red-hued deserts, what nature lovers would consider the perfect inhospitable landscape ripe for exploration.

    As an ancient indigenous settlement, Alice Springs is steeped in history, but its main appeal still remains the pristine wilderness that belts the city on all sides. Indeed, Alice Springs acts as the perfect gateway to the multifaceted natural landscape encircling its urban center, which includes towering ridges, awe-inspiring waterholes, and sublime ochre-colored gorges.