Dubai's biggest chocolate egg
Posted on 01/04/2018

CultureUnited Arab Emirates

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The Easter egg tradition is said to be roughly 60000 years old, some argue it's as ancient as 5000 years. Never in their wildest dreams would the people who started this tradition or anyone would have ever thought that one day they would see a mouthwatering gigantic eyeball raising Chocolate Easter Egg.

This egg is a must-see attraction

This egg is a must-see attraction
© Ingrid Balabanova/123RF

Someone apparently forgot to give Fairmont Hotel in Dubai a memo on the limits of human imagination as they have made a one of a kind 2.5m tall egg. It weighs roughly around 80 kilograms and 55% of it is made out of dark chocolate.

With it being Easter, the Hotel's engineering and culinary team took only four weeks to make this handcrafted marvel.

Although it cost around 23,000 USD to make, the Hotel is extremely proud of its achievement and the guests at the hotel are going crazy over it. Many are even saying that its the most instagrammable thing in Dubai right now.

This beautiful modern-day masterpiece is called "Dubai's biggest chocolate egg" and within a city like Dubai which is full of must-see attractions, this egg is a must must-see attraction.

So if you are visiting Dubai anytime soon, do check it out and I think its safe to say that Marvel studios does not drop the biggest Easter eggs, that title clearly belongs to the Fairmount Hotel now.