Easter Island will accommodate the largest marine sanctuary in South America !


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Situated off the Chilean coast, the mysterious Easter Island has taken an additional step in ensuring the safeguarding of its ecosystem. On September 4th the island's inhabitants approved the creation of a 720,000 km2 protected maritime park.

Another reason to visit Easter Island!

Another reason to visit Easter Island!

It is now official! After months of negotiations, the inhabitants of the famous Easter Island have pronounced themselves in favor of the creation of a huge marine sanctuary. The vote gathered together no less than 642 indigenous Rapa Nui people, called to debate on the management of the 720,000 km2 planned zone. The decision is recognized by the Chilean government and the environment minister Marcelo Mena, who was delighted with the agreement in favor of the protection of the rich and unique ecosystem of the island nestled right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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If the agreement has well and truly been approved it will result in the combined management of the marine protected area by the Chilean authorities and the Rapa Nui people. In order to ensure the protection of an environment weakened by global warming and illegal fishing, the inhabitants have established rules which are vital to the survival of their territory. From now on only traditional fishing will be allowed in the protected zone, so as to allow the survival of coral species.

This sanctuary is not the first of its kind. On July 13th Cook Islands decided to set up a protection zone dedicated to its ecosystem.

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Posted on 09/09/2017 Modified on 11/09/2017
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