Enjoy a wine tasting extravaganza at Adamvs Vineyard in Napa Valley
Posted on 22/09/2020

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The pandemic has changed the way we travel, and now we find ourselves looking for quiet getaways where we can practice social distancing and still get some sort of vacation. So if you're looking for a weekend getaway, the Adamvs Vineyard in Napa Valley makes for a perfect little trip that has all the things we love - wine, farm animals, great food and tranquillity.

A fine wine retreat

A fine wine retreat
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You can tour the vineyard for 118 per person and these charges include much more than wine tasting - which to be honest is a fantastic experience on its own. The vineyard's flagship wine is the cabernet sauvignon, and along with wine tasting, you can also meet the local residents of the estate - their beloved donkey named Buttercup, as well as chickens and sheeps. To top it off, your wine will be served with a delicious platter of local cheese and charcuterie.

Denise and Stephan Adams, the owners of the estate, started their winemaking business in Bordeaux, where they learnt all the secrets of the trade. However, they had to quickly adjust their technique to fit the challenges of the Californian terroir.

"You're at the mercy of Mother Nature completely. You can't predict. If I'm not worrying about earthquakes and fire here, I'm worrying about frost and hail [in France]", commented Denise. But regardless of the natural disasters that hit California, they are still trooping on.

In fact, 2020 brought a different type of disaster, and that didn't stop them from giving their loyal customers the quality treatment they deserved. The almost all-women team was assembled with great thought and the couple prized staff members who were committed to winemaking, but also cared about being hospitable to their guests. For those that miss socialising and having in-person experiences, the Adamvs Vineyard offers a safe and comfortable environment to do just that.

So if you live in and around California, the Adamvs Vineyard is a quick retreat that will give you a break from everything going on in the world. And for those who don't - you can still get your hands on their exquisite wine as they send across wine packages which also include seasonal recipes, apple butter, cabernet sauvignon jam, mulled spice mix and many more little treats. To cater to their customers who cannot visit the estate, they even host private virtual tastings that you can enjoy from the safety of your own home!