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These are Europe's 20 most magnificent peaks
Posted on 26/12/2018


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The Old Continent boasts a topography of many contrasts, and is a region of the world known for being home to many towering mountain ranges. Here are Europe's 20 most gorgeous, imposing, and emblematic peaks.

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  • Mont Blanc
    Mont Blanc

    Europe's highest peak has definitely earned a spot on this list. Rising to 15,777 feet and straddling the border between Italy's Aosta Valley and France's Savoie region, the monumental mountain is a popular site for winter sports enthusiasts. There, you'll get the opportunity to hike, ski, and snowboard at the heart of one of Europe's most awe-inspiring alpine landscapes.

  • Monte Rosa
    Monte Rosa

    The Alps sure are a treasure-filled mountain range, and Monte Rosa can attest to that. This sublime massif located between Italy and Switzerland is the second-highest mountain in Europe, if you don't take into account the Caucasus. Home to splendid glacier formations and steep ice walls, Monte Rosa is a sight you'll never forget.

  • Triglav

    With an elevation of 9,395 feet, Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps. Located at the heart of Triglav National Park, the summit is one of the nation's most esteemed emblems. A stylized depiction of it even features on Slovenia's coat of arms, which is in turn found on the country's flag.

  • Mount Elbrus
    Mount Elbrus

    If the Caucasus mountain range was considered to be part of the Old Continent, instead of officially being at the intersection of Asia and Europe, Mount Elbrus would be Europe's highest peak. This imposing mountain situated in southern Russia is also a dormant volcano and possesses two mighty summits, which are both dormant volcanic domes.

  • Mount Olympus
    Mount Olympus

    The highest mountain in Greece and an important mythological site as the home of the Greek gods, Mount Olympus is one of the world's most fascinating peaks. But not only is it a culturally interesting place, it is also incredibly beautiful. With jaw-dropping gorges, an elegant silhouette, and thriving wildlife, Mount Olympus truly is a sight to behold.


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