The incredible border cities of Europe


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There is nothing quite like visiting new countries and delving head first into their respective cultures and histories! Unfortunately few of us have the time and money to visit all the countries we would like to. This is where border cities come in - nestled between different nations often leaves them infused with the essence of both. So instead of agonizing over which country to visit on your next holiday head to one of these 10 incredible border cities instead!

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  • Bratislava, Slovakia/Hungary/Austria
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    Bratislava, Slovakia/Hungary/Austria

    Bordered by both Hungary and Austria, the Slovakian capital is a true cultural melting pot, as well as the only capital that borders two sovereign states. Bratislava, or as it had been known throughout history Istropolis, Bresburg, Pressburg and Wilson City - was for over three centuries the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom. It is also important to remember that until the so-called 'velvet divorce' of 1993 Slovakia was joined to the Czech Republic, a relationship which has also left its distinct imprint of the country. Today, with the help of its fairy tale charm, incredible landscapes and excellent cuisine, Bratislava is slowly but surely cementing its place as one of the top holiday destinations in Eastern Europe.

  • Lavena Ponte Tresa, Italy/Ponte Tresa, Switzerland
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    Lavena Ponte Tresa, Italy/Ponte Tresa, Switzerland

    The gorgeous municipality of Ponte Tresa is found on the shores of Lake Lugano in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. On the opposite side of the lake, which serves as the border between Switzerland and Italy, lies Laverna Ponte Tresa - Ponte Tresa's Italian counterpart. The two municipalities are connected by a bridge which creates the impression of one city. Regardless of which side of the lake you find yourself on, you will be in for a treat when it comes to the regions incredible scenery. And if you are craving something a bit more cosmopolitan, hop on a train and make your way to Milan, which is only 60km away.

  • Slubice, Poland/Frankfurt, Germany
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    Slubice, Poland/Frankfurt, Germany

    Located on the shores of the Oder River the Polish city of Slubice lies directly opposite Frankfurt, of which it was a part of until 1945. While Slubice is no longer geographically a part of Frankfurt, the two cities still enjoy a close relationship sharing numerous urban projects including a wastewater treatment plant. While Slubice is not as popular with tourists as Frankfurt it still has a few points of interest including a monument to Wikipedia.

  • Gorizia, Italy/Nova Gorica, Slovenia
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    Gorizia, Italy/Nova Gorica, Slovenia

    The town (and commune) of Gorizia is located in northeastern Italy, in the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Gorizia is located at the foot of the Julian Alps and borders Slovenia, where a sister town called 'Nova Gorica' had been established in 1947. Nova Gorica was the result of territorial dispute between Italy and Yugoslavia after WWII, once new borders were established the old town was left to Italy while Nova Gorica was constructed in Yugoslavia. Due to their geographical location the two cities enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year, unlike neighboring cities, which has made them, especially Gorizia, popular resort towns.

  • Aachen, Germany/Belgium/Netherlands
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    Aachen, Germany/Belgium/Netherlands

    Aachen, which is more commonly known in English and French as Aix-la-Chapelle, is a city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. It is Germany's westernmost city and borders both Belgium and the Netherlands. The city is known to have been the preferred residence of Charlemagne, and between the 10 and 16 century the place where Holy Roman Emperors were crowned Kings of the Germans. From a tourism point of view the town is famous for the incredible Aachen Cathedral, which was constructed on the orders of Charlemagne and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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