Europe's museums you've never heard of, but have to visit
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Europe is a continent that has many various attractions and museums. Due to the number of popular attractions there are many unique and innovative attractions worth visiting that remain unheard of.

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  • Carpigiani Gelato Museum, Italy
    Carpigiani Gelato Museum, Italy

    The Carpigiani Gelato Museum is so much more than just a food museum. It is attached to the Gelato University and here you will be offered a variety of interesting courses. This unique experience offers the opportunity to transform a selection of your own fresh fruit into your very own batch of artisanal gelato. 7 EUR would get you a tasting session and a history lesson and for 20 EUR you would receive an expert gelato making course. With its minimalist interior, the museum depicts the evolution of the beloved gelato. On site you will encounter vintage buckets and old gelato carts. If this sounds like your cup of tea then you can find the museum just 10 kilometers outside Bologna.

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  • Electric Ladyland, Netherlands
    Electric Ladyland, Netherlands

    This museum is a 5-minute walk from the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. It is the only museum in the world that is dedicated to fluorescents. The owner himself explains his unique science project to the public. He also explains the process in which he has turned stones and artwork into a fluorescent wonderland. Here you can experience crazy fluorescent visuals all around you.

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  • Deutsches Currywurst Museum, Germany
    Deutsches Currywurst Museum, Germany

    This museum offers a post-war experience through the famous Currywurst dish. Here you can take pictures of life-size sausages and with an 11 EUR entry fee you will be granted entry to the whole museum. The museum is dedicated to this traditional fast-food dish which is a symbol of post-war Berlin. It all began in 1949 when Berliner Herta Heuwer obtained Ketchup and curry sauce from British soldiers and decided to mix ketchup and curry sauce with other ingredients to be served with a sausage.

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  • Pinball Museum, Hungary
    Pinball Museum, Hungary

    In Budapest this museum offers a unique experience of unlimited rounds of the game pinball. For around 8 EUR you can use any of the 130 retro machines. The owner Balázs Pálfi started off by collecting the machines as a hobby but the hobby rapidly grew and so he decided to share his collection with the world. The Pinball Museum is the world's largest continuously operating pinball machine exhibit with vintage machines in Europe's largest exhibition machines.

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  • Abode of Chaos, France
    Abode of Chaos, France

    This outdoor attraction hosts a courtyard full of larger-than-life skulls, a crashed helicopter and other permanent installations that explore controversial themes like terrorism and war. There is no entry free and the former businessman turned artist, Thierry Ehrmann, conceptualized a complex work of contemporary art right in the backyard of his old stone home. The display has been described as eerie and dark but its works of art are all in conversation with aspects of terrorism, war, and destruction (as seen in the model of the rubble symbolizing the destruction of the World Trade Centre).

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Are you fed up of going to the standard, ordinairy and cliché museums in your favourite European holiday destinations? Take a look at this article for inspiration of unique museums that nobody has heard of.