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Find your head above the clouds in these dreamy mountains
Posted on 14/02/2019


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Do you like the idea of mountain scenery and feeling complete serenity? Then take a look through these beautiful trips which take you high in the clouds. When you are at the top, all that's left to do is to breathe in the fresh air and take in the magical landscape that's right in front of your eyes. We have compiled a list of 10 mountain experiences for you to try. Be warned, this is not for those with a fear of heights!

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  • La Rosiere, Savoy
    La Rosiere, Savoy

    At 2390 meters above sea level, you can walk along a metal walkway that stretches over 170 meters of empty space. This walkway is installed at the top of the Fort Express chairlift. When you have reached the top, savor the unmissable views of both France and Italy. There is also a photo point which allows you to capture the moment.

  • Chamonix, Haute-Savoy
    Chamonix, Haute-Savoy

    Find yourself in a glass cage above a vertiginous void on the rocky summit of the Aiguille du Midi in Haute-Savoie. At 3842 meters above sea level, the landscape is simply incredible and being in a glass cage is great feeling for those who have a sense of adventure. When looking down, cast your eyes at stretches of white snow and rocky landscape, but remember to look up as that's where you will find the stunning Mont Blanc.

  • Peak Walk by Tissot, Switzerland
    Peak Walk by Tissot, Switzerland

    At Diablerets in the Canton of Vaud, adrenaline is guaranteed on the suspension bridge, Glacier 3000. The walk along this bridge dangles over 100 meters above a huge void before returning to the mainland. This footbridge stretches over an abyss that connects two peaks standing at 3000 meters high. You'll have an incredible view of not just Mont Blanc but of Matterhorn, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

  • Val-Cenis, Savoy, Canopy of Cimes
    Val-Cenis, Savoy, Canopy of Cimes

    At a chilling 800 meters, you can experience a 180-degree view. A circular platform has been built for this purpose and is called the "Canopy of the Peaks". In front of you, witness the summits and the glaciers of the Vanoise, the Ecrins and the Italian mount Viso. If you dare to look a little further down you will be able to see the lake of Mont-Cenis, which is a stunning frozen blue or frozen white during the winter period.

  • La Mongie, The Pyrenees
    La Mongie, The Pyrenees

    See the massif of the Pic du Midi-de-Bigorre from the other side. At 1000 meters, discover an outstanding view of the mountains by walking along the Pontoon in the sky. On this advance of 12 meters, you will see everything from the plain of Southwest to the foothills of the Central Massif. The location of the big cities, Tarbes, Paris, Brussels, London and Berlin, are all indicated there.