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Italy: five dizzyingly high and colourful villages to live la dolce vita
Posted on 26/11/2018


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Italy has everything you could possibly want in a holiday. From boisterous cuisine to rich cultural liveliness, Italy will never go out of style.

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  • Manarola

    Welcome to Manarola, anchored in an ampitheatre of rocks lined with vines. One of the oldest towns of Cinque Terre, it's considered the most beautiful village on the Italian peninsula. Overlooking the Mediterranean, Manarola offers magnificent panoramas, best when viewed by boat. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is even known for its wine, which has been celebrated since antiquity. Its port is decorated with illuminated houses, and the traditional, familial atmosphere makes it all the more charming, with craggy alleyways, washing lines on balconies and locals congregating on their balconies.

  • Portofino

    Also known as the Italian Saint Tropez, Portofino in the province of Genoa is famous for its social seaside scene. With a picturesque port and fishing boats, Portofino is sublime. We advise you to visit the peninsula of Portofino, where you will find protected nature. From here, the panorama is magnificent with an incredible view of the bay, turquoise water and little sailboats.

  • Burano

    The Island of Burano can be recognized by its eclectic colours, situated on the Venice lagoon. Eventhough it's small, this island holds great treasures. Travellers are sure to be captivated by the little houses exploding with colour and reflecting on the green water. The stunning la Casa deo Bepi suà is also unmissable: a house that distinguishes itself by its palette of colours and diverse geometric forms, and even received the title of the most colourful house in the island. Burano's beauty is time-stopping, giving room for pure Italian traditions like fishing. What to see? Visit the Museo Del Merletto, a museum entirely dedicated to lace, and the Church of San Martino, recognisable by its sloping clock tower.

  • Procida

    This island in all its simplicity possesses an indeniable charm. Procida finds itself in the province of Naples, and stands out thanks to cliff-clinging houses in gentle pastel colours. Procida is the postcard-perfect image of a Mediterranean island with its crystal water, little coves, and its pebbled beaches, perfect for those looking to relax. 10,000 habitants live in the fishing region, leaving the narrow roads and craggy alleyways and the numerous stairs unoccupied. Travellers can make the most of a walk to the Terra Murara, the tip of the island's 91 metres. All above ground, a beautiful view awaits you on the gulf of Naples.

  • Positano

    The most legendary town on the Almafi coast is Positano, and the it's also the most idyllic place for couples. Situated in Sorrento, this chic sunbathing spot fascinates visitors with its picturesque stack of houses that flank the floors of cliffs. This little village is known for its craftmanship, notably linen and lace work. What's more, the Amalfi Coast is also known for its lemon orchards: so tasting fresh Limoncello is a must when visiting this region!