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British Airways announces four more days of strikes
Posted on 14/02/2017

TransportUnited Kingdom

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The airline's 'Mixed Fleet' cabin crew will walk out from February 17 in an ongoing battle over 'poverty pay'.

cabin crew walk out for the third time this month

cabin crew walk out for the third time this month

Following on from two three-day strikes last week and over the weekend, members British Airways' 'Mixed Fleet' cabin crew have confirmed another four days of industrial action. The next walkout will begin at 0:01am on February 17 and end at 23:59 on February 20.

"Mixed Fleet" makes up 15 percent of BA's total cabin crew and will strike over low basic pay which starts at 12,000, plus 3 an hour flight pay, earning as little as 21,000 after allowances and bonuses. Unite, the union which represents more than 2,500 Mixed Fleet members, called on the airline to reach an agreement to avoid further strikes.

Unite's national officer, Oliver Richardson, said: "BA should focus on addressing poverty pay in its mixed fleet, rather than continuing to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds of chartering in aircraft to cover striking workers."

However BA executives say there will be no negotiations. The airline has assured that all customers will get to their destinations during the strike, despite being forced to cancel 34 flights last week.

Willie Walsh, the chief executive of IAG, the airline's parent group, said: "The offer is on the table. There are no negotiations. The strikes have had no effect, the passengers are flying and the flights are operating, so I'd say this is completely futile action on the part of the union. The offer we've made is a fair offer."

"I have some sympathy for the crews involved because I think they've been misled. The offer is there, it's still available to them - it's not going to change. We have contingency plans that are robust and very effective. The strike is not in any way impacting."

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