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French air traffic controllers threaten strikes from Monday
Posted on 04/03/2017


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Several airlines have already warned of possible delays and cancellations if French air traffic controllers follow through on their promise of five days of strike action.

French air traffic controllers are threatening a five-day strike, prompting airlines to warn of possible disruption to flights using French airspace. Workers at several airports around the country say they will walk out from Monday to Friday if negotiations do not make progress.

Possible flight disruption

Possible flight disruption
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The proposed action threatens to affect not only flights to and from the airports involved, but others using French airspace. Flights from the UK to Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands could be heavily affected.

Monarch has said that it plans to operate a full schedule but anticipates disruption throughout next week. The airline advised passengers to arrive at the airport in plenty of time for their flights.

Easyjet said it would do everything pssible to minimise the impact on its passengers, whilst Flybe advised checking 'live' flight information on its site and apologised for circumstances that are "beyond our control".

British Airways, which is also contending with a planned strike by some of its cabin crew, said it was waiting for more information from the French authorities before assessing its schedules.

Flight compensation company, EU Claim, said the strike could be the first of many from French air traffic controllers this year. "If the French unions follow the strike patterns of 2014/15/16, we are also likely to see further action in May and June, spoiling summer holidays," said UK manager Tjitze Noorderhaven.

"There is no sugar-coating it. Next week, we're set for travel misery."

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