Flavours, perfumes and coffee: the gastronomy in Turkey
Posted on 11/09/2020


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A trip to Turkey begins with the discovery of its incredible historical and architectural wonders, revealing an ancient and glorious past. It is a country of a thousand faces located somewhere special between Europe and Asia. But to understand and appreciate a culture that is different from yours, the best way is to discover its culinary specialties, and in Turkey the cuisine is pretty impressive!

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  • A great legacy
    A great legacy

    Like all the great cuisines of the world, Turkish cuisine is the result of a fusion betweenTurkish and Ottoman cuisines, but also Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Balkan. When Turkish people arrived in Anatolia in the 11th century, they introduced their own habits, such as stuffing pasta and all kinds of vegetables, skewering meat on skewers, using dairy products as basic products, as well as cultivating wheat for making bread. They also discovered new ingredients and integrated them into Turkish cuisine, such as rice, fruits and vegetables that are typical of the region. This led to the creation of regional recipes, influenced by various geographical areas in Turkey.