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Hardrock festival installs beer pipeline
Posted on 04/06/2017


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An underground beer pipeline is being installed for August's Wacken Open Air hard rock music festival in northern Germany.

Festival season is finally upon us

Festival season is finally upon us
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The new beer delivery system will be a part of a 7 kilometer pipe network that organizers say will make this year's festival more eco-friendly. The pipeline's 35cm diameter means that the beer flow rate should be able to reach the equivalent of six glasses every six seconds. The pipeline will also deliver fresh water to the festival site as well as take waste away from it.

According to German media, approximately 75,000 people attend the hard rock festival in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany each year. It is estimated that on average nine pints of beer (5.1 liters) will be consumed by each reveler during the three day event, which will take place between the 3rd and 5th of August.

On the festival's official website organizers wrote that previously the high consumption of beer meant that trucks loaded with barrels had to make deliveries each morning. However now thanks to the new pipeline there will be significantly less damage done to the fields surrounding the festival. Organizers went on to add that, since the pipelines are buried deep underground, they are expected to last for many years thus making the current project a long term investment.

The Wacken Open Air festival is one of the world's largest and best known open air hard rock festivals. This year's headliners will include Megadeth, Alice Cooper and Trivium as well as some 150 other acts.

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