Get naked for the special nudist day at Parisian museum
Posted on 16/04/2018 8 shares


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This might just be the most bizarre thing you have ever heard but Paris is holding a special event for nudists to walk around the contemporary art museum - Palais de Tokyo. Visitors will be literally wearing nothing but a smile as the Parisian gallery declares a naturists' day on 5th May.

Paris welcomes naturists to wander around the Palais de Tokyo

Paris welcomes naturists to wander around the Palais de Tokyo

This event is organised by the Paris Naturists Association which welcomes visitors to bare all for this special event.

There is no entry fee but in order to attend you will need to register with the association beforehand.

This association has already been successful hosting other events in the region such as the opening of a naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes and even a naturist restaurant!

The Paris Naturists Association also has some other unique events lined up for the next few months including a bowling event, a comedy show and even a Parisian Naturism Day which will take place on 24th June.

The association hopes that this will become an annual event.

The special event at the Palais de Tokyo will run from 9:30 am to noon where visitors will be able to leave the rest of their clothes in a cloakroom and wander around the museum's exhibitions with absolutely nothing on.

They will be taken on a guided tour by a naked member of staff through the exhibition Discord, fille la nuit.

This will be a momentous occasion as it will be the first ever gallery in Paris to hold such a unique event.

France is home to around 2.6 million naturists so there is definitely a huge scope and demand for events such as this.

The association are hoping that this event could be a hit and be well received so that consequently similar events will take place after this!