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Go back to the arts with this drive-in Van Gogh exhibit
Posted on 25/05/2020


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Van Gogh, la nuit étoilée, the original immersive art exhibit, which opened last year in Paris and was letting people walk through Van Gogh paintings, such as "Starry Night," "Sunflowers," and "The Bedroom" has now inspired a drive-in alternative in Toronto, in order for people to keep on social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Indeed, the Coronavirus pandemic has made it particularly difficult for people to enjoy the arts. And even if many museums have organised virtual tours so that people could enjoy it from the safety of their living rooms, it just isn't the same to see a painting through a screen and to see it in real life.

Originally a walk-through exhibit, the same as in Paris, the Canadian space has had to put everything on hold until July, and has replaced its offer with drive-through tickets for the art show between June 18 and 28. So why not go and enjoy this innovative way to see Van Gogh's painting while respecting social distancing measures?

Tickets for the drive-through are at $95 CAD (about £55) and they are selling fast, so the exhibition even has had to put a waiting list in place. To get there, you have to go to the Toronto Star Building at 1 Yonge Street (via Freeland Street) and drive through the industrial space transformed with projections of digital images of the artist's work.

The exhibition will go back to being a walk-in experience in July though, tickets ranging from $35 CAD (about £20) to $45 CAD (about £26). It will have a limited capacity however, and visitors will have to wear protective masks.

The exhibition is a special collaboration between Massimiliano Siccardi, the Artistic Director and artist-in-residence at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, and Italian composer and pianist Luca Longobardi. For more information, visit the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit website.