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Think of whisky and chances are what comes to mind are the mossy isles of Scotland and the rolling plains of Ireland. And while Scotland and Ireland do indeed produce some of the best known single malts in the world, they are by no means the only whisky countries out there. With that in mind we have compiled the ultimate travel guide for a whisky enthusiast.

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  • Ireland
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    'The Emerald Isle' is perhaps better known for its stout than its whisky, but when single malts are concerned this country is capable of great things. In the mid-19th century, Irish whisky was the best-selling golden spirit in the World. For various reasons, the industry subsequently became less successful. However it is currently undergoing a grand revival, having grown by an incredible by 220% over the past ten years! Be sure to stop by to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Old Bushmills Distillery
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    Old Bushmills Distillery

    Old Bushmills is the oldest licensed distillery in the World, it was granted its license by no other than King James I back in 1608. Visitors say that you can really feel the history as you walk amongst the oaken barrels surrounded by Belfast's countryside scenery. It's also the only distillery in Northern Ireland to make triple-distilled single malt whisky. They use water from their own stream and Irish barley.

  • The Jameson Experience, Midleton
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    The Jameson Experience, Midleton

    Being the most visited distillery in Ireland, there was no way we would have left this one out. Hear stories of Jameson's rich heritage in an immersive tour lasting forty minutes and showcasing one of the best-selling Irish whiskies. You can even blend your own whisky to take home, or take a cocktail masterclass! The tour finishes with a whisky-tasting session followed by a mandatory stop at the distillery's official bar.

  • Palace Bar Pub, Dublin
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    Palace Bar Pub, Dublin

    To the pub! This one has no less than fifty Irish whiskies on its menu and was frequented by poets, novelists, journalists and artists back in its heyday! This Victorian watering hole first opened its doors in 1832.

  • Japan
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    Masataka Taketsuru famously began Japan's century-old romance with whisky when he travelled to Scotland to learn about the drink. Two years later, he returned with a Scottish wife and a lot of knowledge. Now, Japanese whisky is some of the most prestigious in the World, and it is only getting more popular.


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Posted on 12/09/2017 Modified on 18/09/2017
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