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Head straight to Porto on your next trip to Portugal
Posted on 25/04/2019


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The second largest city in Portugal is often overlooked by tourists flocking to Portugal's capital, Lisbon. Although Lisbon offers lots of things to see and do and is sure worth the visit, sometimes it gets overcrowded with tourists which can be annoying. Porto on the other hand, offers a laid-back atmosphere and in the same time doesn't lack historic landmarks and attractions.

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  • Porto is famous for its wine, rich history and easy-going vibe
    Porto is famous for its wine, rich history and easy-going vibe

    Located where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean, Porto is a city boasting rich history and culture, which can still be seen today. The city's most known for its world-famous Port wine, but also for its picture-postcard beauty and vibrant nightlife. Combining history, culture, year-round pleasant weather, gastronomy and nightlife, Porto is the perfect city break destination. Discover what to see and do in Porto with our list of its top 10 attractions!

  • 1. The Ribeira neighborhood
    1. The Ribeira neighborhood

    As the name suggests, Ribeira is situated on the riverbank in the heart of Porto's old town. This neighborhood is one of the most popular in the city as it's full of picturesque streets lined with colorful buildings. Wander around winding medieval streets and cobblestone alleys and feel the city's authentic charm. This beautiful area is perfect for strolling around and admiring the scenic beauty of the city as well as for dining and sipping cocktails!

  • 2. Dom Luis Bridge
    2. Dom Luis Bridge

    This bridge was designed by a student of the famous Gustave Eiffel and today it's an icon of the city. When the massive metal bridge first opened back in the 19th century it held the record for the longest arch in the world and today it's both a pedestrian bridge and part of one of the city's metro lines. Take a walk on its upper deck and enjoy the spectacular views of the city!

  • 3. Port wine cellar tours
    3. Port wine cellar tours

    Even though Port wine was born in the nearby Douro Valley, it was named after this city because the wine is aged and shipped from here. All wine enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that there are numerous wine cellars in Porto, most of which are located across the river from the historic city center. In these cellars you can book a guided tour to learn more about the winemaking process and Port's notable history. You're probably wondering, is the tasting of the incredible sweet red wine included in the tour? Well, of course! All wine buffs will agree: it's a must-do when in Porto!

  • 4. Porto Cathedral
    4. Porto Cathedral

    Built in the 12th century, this cathedral is considered the most important historic landmark in the city and is a National Monument of Portugal. It's situated on the highest point in the city in the historic neighborhood Morro da Se, which is also the city's oldest district. The Cathedral is characterized by its Romanesque architecture and its majestic beauty never fails to amaze its visitors. Also, don't miss visiting the cathedral's cloister. Even though the entrance isn't free, it's well-worth visiting! Afterwards, take a stroll around the area and enjoy spectacular views of the city and the valley beneath.