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10 reasons why 2019 is the best time to visit Myanmar
Posted on 08/04/2019


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Myanmar is undoubtedly the unsung gem of Southeast Asia, but it won't be for long. The culture, landscapes and monuments combined with its affordability, small crowds and easy access make it a great destination for any traveller this year. It's always been highly underestimated as tourists choose Thailand time and time again, but here are 10 reasons why you should consider Myanmar instead.

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  • The locals
    The locals

    As soon as you land in Myanmar you'll notice just how friendly and welcoming the people are. Past visitors have said that not only are the locals friendly, but they really want tourists to have an amazing time in their country. Since tourists have yet to start flocking here in droves, the citizens of Myanmar are eager to help and guide the way, making for a memorable trip.

  • The Bagan Temples
    The Bagan Temples

    The area of Bagan is home to 2,200 temples both small and large leaving an endless list of holy sites to see. What makes this sightseeing experience even more exciting is that you can explore on a bike or e-bike. Enjoy stunning sunset views trom the top of some of these temples, all of which are on track to becoming a collective UNESCO World Heritage. That alone should convince you to visit!

  • The Hsinbyume Pagoda
    The Hsinbyume Pagoda

    This large, stunning pagoda can be found on the northern side of Mingun in the Sagaing region of Myanmar. Visitors praise it for its peace and serenity, and the impressive white-wash structure strikes a strong contrast against the green landscape. Make sure to have your cameras ready!

  • Ngapali Beach
    Ngapali Beach

    After exploring temples and the outstanding nature of Myanmar, you might be pleased to know that this destination is also equipped with blissful beaches. The aquamarine waters, palm trees and soft white sand found here are the pinnacle of tranquility, and Ngapali Beach has been dubbed one of Asia's most beautiful beaches. There are many hotels to choose from if sandy shores are your ideal spot on holiday. Water floats and paddleboards are also available to rent for a super fun day out.

  • Balloon trips
    Balloon trips

    If you do visit Myanmar, this should be top of your list of things to do as it is a truly unforgettable experience. Flying in a balloon over Bagan couldn't be any more magical. From start to finish, it's the ride of a lifetime and completely safe for anyone with a concern about heights.