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Forget its party-hard reputation: here are 8 places to visit in Zakynthos
Posted on 06/02/2019


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Zante in Italian or Zakynthos in Greek often has a bad reputation due to its popularity among 18-year-old party lovers. However, this Greek island has so much more to offer than a questionable clubbing strip. Here are eight places on the island that steer clear of the party scene, and show visitors just how beautiful this island really is.

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  • Porto Limnionas
    Porto Limnionas

    No beach to be seen here, just incredible turquoise waters where schools of fish come up and swim alongside you after you've jumped from the rocks. The view from the sunbeds is simply stunning so be prepared to see boats and also a few brave adventurers climbing the rocks right in front of your eyes. There is also a cove that can be explored from the water. The Taverna Porto Limnionas is situated near the sun loungers, offering a great selection of traditional Greek food and drink.

  • Marathonisi

    Zante is well known for its caretta caretta or loggerhead turtles, which lay their eggs on certain beaches around the island. Take a boat trip to Marathonisi, otherwise known as Turtle Island, to watch these amazing creatures swim to the surface of the water to take quick breaths of air. This is the perfect place to take a day trip for those who wish to relax in the sun and do some snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. Also, Sea Turtle Island isn't just exclusive in the sense that you can only get there by boat, but it's secluded, making it the perfect place to be if you're trying to get away from the crowds.

  • Navagio

    Also known as Shipwreck Bay, Navagio is where the best waters on the island can be found. And it's not just its waters that make it the most photographed landscape in Zakynthos. On the sand lie the remains of a shipwrecked boat, thought to be the MV Panagiotis, which according to many legends was smuggling cigarettes and women during the 1980s. No one really knows the full story, but its mythical ruins can still be seen on the beach.

  • Banana Beach
    Banana Beach

    "Super fun" is the only way to describe Banana Beach on Zakynthos. And the best part is that there is a free shuttle bus taking many visitors to and from the sand each day. Here you can find Banana Watersports, a rental company that lets visitors take advantage of the turquoise water on banana and speed boats. The even more daring can also try paragliding here. But water sports aren't the only attraction of this beach for visitors, as the long stretch of soft golden sand blending into crystal clear waters embodies the glamour of Miami.

  • The Keri Caves
    The Keri Caves

    As nice as it can be to relax on the beach, it can be even greater fun to take a boat trip and explore the island's hidden coves. This boat trip will take you to Laganas Bay in hopes to see the loggerhead turtle peak its head above the waves. Then expect to be taken to see the limestone cliffs and sea caves near Keri. When the boat travels into the caves, take a dip and enjoy the glass-like texture and marine life that can be found here. These caves are perfect for those who enjoy diving and snorkeling.