Here are the 15 best places to try the most extreme travel adventures
Posted on 09/01/2019

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Consider yourself an intrepid traveler? Visit these 15 destinations and try your hand at these extreme sports for an exhilarating dose of adrenaline.

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  • Skydiving: the Himalayas, Nepal
    Skydiving: the Himalayas, Nepal

    If you dare try it, skydiving will probably be one of the most heart-stopping experiences of your life. And if you do it in the Himalayan mountain chain, you're guaranteed to become the coolest person in your friend and family circles.

    Head to Sagarmatha National Park, home to Mount Everest, where a helicopter will take you to new heights. Experiencing the thrill of jumping into the open sky while being surrounded by an gorgeous, snow-capped landscape is something you'll never forget.


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