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Searching for the perfect pint? Here are the best cities to visit if you're a beer-lover
Posted on 23/01/2020


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Pack your bags, beer-lovers! Here are the best cities from around the world for your next beercation.

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  • The top 9 best beer cities around the world
    The top 9 best beer cities around the world

    Nothing beats sitting down with a cold beer after a long day. But if you're among the brew-obsessed, then a plain old can from a six-pack sometimes doesn't cut it. Whether you're looking for a short weekend break or a week-long or more beercation, here are 9 cities that serve some of the world's best beer.

  • Warsaw, Poland
    Warsaw, Poland

    If you're travelling on a budget, Polish beer is good and cheap. For only £1.60, you can grab yourself a pint at one of Warsaw's many pubs and bars. The craft beer scene has also blown up in the Polish capital in recent years with dozens of microbreweries cropping up all over the city. From hoppy IPAs and fruity saisons to smooth and dark Baltic Porters, there is something for everyone. Boasting 91 beers on tap and an entire wall of refrigerators stuffed to the brim with 200 types of bottled beer, Piw Paw is the place to go if you're looking to sample the very best of Polish and European beers. What's more, it's open 24/7, perfect for those all-night boozers!

  • Portland, Maine, USA
    Portland, Maine, USA

    Both Portlands (Maine and Oregon) are likely to be the top of every beer-lover's bucket list. But it is Portland in Maine that has the most craft breweries per capita with 18 breweries per 50,000 people. The close proximity of many of the brew bars allows visitors to go on their own pub crawl, but there's also plenty of tours available for those looking for an even more unique experience. Hop on the Maine Brew Bus, a refurbished school bus, and discover the best of Portland's booming craft alcohol scene. An expert guide (and the designated driver) will introduce you to your new favorite beer as well as the friendly faces responsible for its production. But if you're heading out on your own, don't forget to add Foulmouthed Brewing to your itinerary, a small brewpub located in an old auto garage in South Portland. Enjoy a signature lobster roll with a side of fries before washing it all down with a pint of the best local beer.

  • Brussels, Belgium
    Brussels, Belgium

    Belgium has a long history with beer. Trappist monasteries - where Trappist beers have been brewed in Belgium since 1836 - are scattered across the country. But travel to the Belgian capital and you'll be able to sip at their signature brews at your own leisure. Cantillon, known for its fruity lambic beers, is one of the few venerable breweries offering daily brewery tours to the public. Learn about the history and the production of their naturally fermented brews before kicking back and relaxing with a beer of your choice at the Moedic Lambic. With over 40 new creations coming out of their tanks every year, Brussels Beer Project is a more modern brewery in the city with an emphasis on collaboration and experimentation. From a sweet lime meringue pale ale to a double chocolate salted imperial stout, there is a flavour and style for everyone.

  • Tokyo, Japan
    Tokyo, Japan

    For many, beer is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Tokyo. But the Japanese capital is quickly becoming the epicenter of Japan's burgeoning craft beer scene. Tucked away up a flight of stairs in the district of Ryogoku, Popeye's reputation among craft beer lovers is legendary. Founded as a Western-style pub (or izakaya) in 1960, the pub today boasts over 70 beers on tap, most of them produced by Japanese breweries including Echigo Weizen and Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout. But you don't necessarily need to head to a craft beer bar in Tokyo for a perfect pint. On nearly every block in Tokyo, you can find cans of beer inside of vending machines!