How to become a digital nomad
Posted on 24/07/2020


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Have you ever wanted to start a life of travel while earning money? Well, some people are already living this dream, and we call them digital nomads. Discover how you can become one yourself!

Digital nomads can work from almost anywhere

Digital nomads can work from almost anywhere
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A digital nomad is someone who uses technology, usually just a laptop and a wireless network, to work remotely from anywhere in the world. For many people, travelling means freedom. Becoming a digital nomad can indeed give you the freedom to not work in an office and to not be stuck in a work routine all year long, as long as you stay organized and disciplined.

Securing a steady income while travelling is an important thing to take into consideration, which can be achieved it if you plan ahead and stay focused on your work goals. Most digital nomads started their new lives after a lot of preparation, planning, and savings. If you're organized and committed, there are actually many of different ways to become a digital nomad and make money while travelling the world. If this sounds interesting to you, here are a few ways to make it happen!

Talk to your employer

If you love your job but feel stuck in your office, the first thing to do is to have an honest conversation with your employer. Plenty of people have already taken the leap and negotiated to work from home or miles away from the office, and working remote is becoming more and more common. If your job is the type that allows you to work just as efficiently in another location, there's no reason why working from abroad would ba major problem for your supervisor. Don't hesitate to highlight your professional value and the positive effects working elsewhere could have on your productivity and creativity. Even if it seems intimidating, your supervisor may actually be very open to the idea!

Find a freelance job that matches your skills

Find a freelance job that matches your skills
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Translator, journalist, computer programmer, marketing and web developer, copywriter, social media manager, the list goes on. The market for digital skills is growing and it's creating a host of job opportunities for digital nomads. A growing number of companies are looking for remote freelqnce employees when it comes to digital work. It's cheaper for them and an easy source of income for you. It's important to consider your skill set and find work that you truly enjoy doing and are qualified for. As long as you are well prepared, have a computer, and a reliable internet connection, you can basically do quality work from almost anywhere in the world!

Start a blog

If you enjoy sharing stories and pictures of your journeys and life experiences online, travel blogging can be a good alternative source of income. It's not the easiest option, as the market has become quite competitive since the advent of social media and the influencer economy. Starting a travel blog or social media page requires hard work, originality, inventiveness and a true passion for travelling and writing. But if it does work out, partnerships with travel companies, hotels, brands, and maybe even ad revenues can provide yet another source of income. If telling stories about your adventures is natural and easy for you, and if you are ready to put in the work, blogging may be your best option to become a digital nomad!

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