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Asia's trendsetting treasure: how to spend 48 hours in Singapore
Posted on 28/11/2018


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With futurism and authenticity, a rich history and a vibrant nightlife, skyscrapers and white sand beaches, you might want to put this forward-looking cosmopolitan city state at the top of your wanderlust list.

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  • When is the best time?
    When is the best time?

    You'll never be cold in Singapore, as the country is very close to the Equator, but the best time to discover Singapore's avant-garde architecture and cosmopolitan culture is in June, July and August. You'll avoid monsoon season if you visit in the summer, but that doesn't mean you'll never get the occasional rainfall, which happens year round. Visiting during the summer also means you'll dodge the ocean of tourists that flock to Singapore during the Lunar New Year in February.

  • Where to stay and eat?
    Where to stay and eat?

    Marina Bay is the best place to find hotels for big budgets and limited time. From there, you can easily access all the hotspots by foot or use the efficient public transportation network. For serial shoppers, a hotel on Orchard Road will be perfect, while party animals will love Clarke Quay. If you're looking for a resort-style tropical paradise, Sentosa is your ideal destination, and backpackers or those seeking cultural authenticity might want to look at different ethnic enclaves, such as Little India or Chinatown. For art enthusiasts and museum dwellers, the Civic District is a strategic center.

    As for food, you'll never run out of options in Singapore. Home to a multitude of different cultures, here you'll find culinary specialties from all over the world. A vibrant street food scene is also present in Singapore, offering a delicious blend of Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines.

  • Day 1: Start off by catching a glimpse of the Merlion
    Day 1: Start off by catching a glimpse of the Merlion

    Depicting a mythical creature with the body of a fish and the head of a lion, the Merlion is an emblematic sight. The iconic statue is the official mascot of Singapore and is an absolute must-see while in the city state.

    The Merlion is also the perfect starting point to kick off your tour of Singapore. From there, make your way north and then keep turning right until you see a massive ferris wheel.

  • Take a ride on the Singapore Flyer
    Take a ride on the Singapore Flyer

    The Singapore Flyer is the world's largest observation wheel. Rising to 541 feet, the attraction offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Marina Bay, the Singapore River, Raffles Place, the Empress Place and the Padang. If you focus on the horizon, you can even see Indonesia and Malaysia in the distance.

    Each capsule can accommodate 28 passengers and a full rotation takes 30 minutes. The capsules are also air-conditioned, creating the perfect conditions for effortless sightseeing. Once you've finished your ride on the Flyer, cross the Helix Bridge to arrive at Marina Bay.

  • Walk around Marina Bay
    Walk around Marina Bay

    Marina Bay is Singapore's de facto center. Filled with attractions of all sorts, this beautifully eclectic place will delight visitors of all ages, budgets, and preferences. Marina Bay's most important landmark is the Marina Bay Sands complex, a sumptuous luxury resort composed of three curvilinear towers. At the top of the complex is perched the Sands SkyPark, which is one of the best spots in the city for a panoramic view of Singapore's skyline.

    You can also discover the 20 galleries of the ArtScience museum, which takes the form of a stylized lotus flower, or just admire its splendid architecture from outside. If you just wish to walk around, the immense bay is an awe-inspiring sight in itself, with the dazzling lights of the city reflected in the serene water.

    Once you're done with your tour of Marina Bay, head east to find the Gardens by the Bay.


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