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How to survive a road trip with kids
Posted on 13/07/2018 15 shares

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If you don't fancy checking-in at your local airport with the kids and your next-best mode of transport is the car, buckle up and follow our survival guide for the best tips and tricks for travelling with youngsters.

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  • Travel in a spacious car.
    Travel in a spacious car.

    Kids need enough room to maneuver, eat and sleep. The good news is that there are many rental companies that offer great deals, so finding an affordable car to rent for a road trip shouldn't be too hard. Spending a few pounds on a family-oriented car is worth it as spacious cars are more practical.

  • Don't forget to pack food.
    Don't forget to pack food.

    Pack plenty of travel-friendly food, i.e. not tuna! Be considerate of those around you. When packing for a journey, it's helpful to pack odorless foods like ham and cheese sandwiches or salads to keep you going until you find a place to stop and eat a good meal. Not only odors, but messes need to be accounted for. Crisps and chocolate will have you scrubbing the seats. Leave them at home.

  • Keep them occupied.
    Keep them occupied.

    Give the kids stuff to do. Toys are essential, and if you have gadgets, bring them along too. iPads, iPhones, or any kind of electronic device can keep anyone busy until they reach their destination. Make sure to bring headphones to keep the kids amused with music, podcasts, and any other kind of media they enjoy. Just don't forget the chargers.

  • Prepare for emergencies.
    Prepare for emergencies.

    Other essentials include preparing for sicknesses and travel discomfort. You should pack tablets, rubbish bags, mints, baby wipes and a first-aid kit. You can never have too many baby wipes.

  • Think of travel games to play.
    Think of travel games to play.

    Travel games are a great way to pass the time and a good way for the whole family to join the fun. Everyone knows I-Spy so why not switch it up and go for something like "Who am I?" The game is simple. Think of someone famous, but don't tell the other players. The players have to ask you yes or no questions such as "Are you a male? Are you alive or dead? Were you a famous football player?" in order to guess who you are thinking of.


Traveling by car is great: you have the freedom to set your own travel schedule, and you can bring food and liquids without having to worry about throwing them in the bin when crossing borders or passing through security checks. However, car travel with little ones can be tough. Follow these tips to ensure that you have a pleasant car ride when traveling with kids.