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How wildflowers have transformed the Californian desert into a fairytale
Posted on 25/03/2019

NatureUnited States of America

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Thousands of visitors gather round at this time of year to experience and capture the Californian superbloom. This natural phenomenon can be found in the sleepy desert town of Southern California called Lake Elsinore. And on the usually green hillsides you can find millions of stunning wildflowers blooming.

How do the wildflowers come about?

How do the wildflowers come about?

In recent years, California has suffered from serious drought. Thanks to heavy rains during the winter months of 2018, the land is now covered in wildflowers. And it isn't just thanks to the wet weather conditions that this has come about as experts also believe that the wildfires which broke out during September 2018 have also played a part.

A completely new phenomena?

A completely new phenomena?

Superblooms tend to happen once every decade which renders them special, but this bloom may be one of the greatest yet. The City of Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos told 9news that he has never seen anything like this before, despite living in the state for 32 years. He remarked that the quantity and quality of the wildflowers is truly remarkable and a sight that is the first of its kind.

What makes the superbloom so unique?

From a distance, the flowers appear to be an electric orange, but if you take a hike up the trails you will find flowers of all different shades. Aside from orange, there are pinks, purples, pale greens and yellows. Another great aspect of being surrounded by this enchanting nature is that it is impossible to get phone signal which means that all there is left to do is enjoy looking around.

What has the bloom meant in terms of tourism?

To see this spectacular sight, crowds of visitors have descended onto Lake Elsinore. Compared to the resident population of 65,000 up to 100,000 people are visiting during the weekends. This figure is more than double the daily visitors to Disneyland. Tourists who arrive here are desperate to get the perfect shot so expect to see selfie sticks, smart phones and the latest cameras towering the flowers. But if you do get to visit this stunning superbloom, please remember to just enjoy the beauty of the moment.

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